Apex Legends Season 4 Map


Apex Legends Season 4 is finally upon us, and along with a new legend and a new weapon came some big map changes. The new world’s edge map added a few locations and structures that we will cover here in this guide.

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Apex Legends Season 4 Map

Above you can see the overview of the new map with a few changes that are immediately visible.


Located towards the center of the map is The Hammond Robotics Planet Harvester. This new multi floor structure is brand new to Apex Legends, and have a gigantic death laser shooting out of the top of it. This laser will actually melt you if you fly through it, so don’t you dare.

Apex Legends Planet Harvester
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Fragment East & Fragment West

Another new area is Fragment East and Fragment West, formerly known as Capitol City. The old Capitol City was split into two new location which are separated by a canyon of lava. There is now only one four-story building full of more valuable loot than the previous two larger buildings that stood there before.

If you happen to fall into the lava canyon, don’t sweat it. You will be brought back up to land by a wind gust, or updraft as the game is calling it. The two new split zones make this a more interesting landing spot for multiple teams to battle it out.

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Survey Camp

Survey Camp is an entirely new area to the game located just west of Refinery. This completely new zone adds a new concept to the game known as Weapon Racks. Players can get guaranteed weapons from these weapon racks, which makes it an enticing spot to land if you want to be sure you get a weapon as soon as possible.

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It will be interesting to see how these new map changes affect the meta and the overall pace and strategy of each game. Utilizing new additions to the game like The Sentinel and Revenant will definitely shake things up a bit.

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