Apex Legends Players Furious Over Iron Crown Event MTX Costs

Respawn Entertainment

No less than a day after the release of the Iron Crown event for Apex Legends, there is a backlash from the community. Players are angry with the pricing model and the cost of unlocking new skins through packs.

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The Iron Crown update dropped yesterday, August 13th, and runs for two weeks. A highly anticipated solos mode has players getting back into the grind. Unfortunately, players are not really all that happy with the update.

The Apex Legends subreddit is reacting negatively to the costs associated with unlocking the new skins. One user writes, “Most of these items and skins are phenomenal, but with the current pricing, its actually abysmal to think about.”

Another user made an image of what the shop actually looks like if you remove all the smoke and mirrors.

What the shop really looks like from r/apexlegends

Even professional Twitch streamer Shroud can’t quite wrap his head around the event loot. “There’s no way you only get 2 packs,” says Shroud in disbelief.

Shroud trying to calculate EA’s greed but the number is too high from r/apexlegends

Drew McCoy, Project lead at Respawn Entertainment, said in a previous interview with GamesRadar, “We can’t leave all the money on the table, but we’re not trying to make $10 billion – we’re trying to cultivate a huge and ravenous fan base, and we’re going to do that by treating our players with respect.”

At this point it seems like EA is pushing Respawn Entertainment’s hand and aiming to make $100 billion rather than $10 billion. All jokes aside, the teams working on Apex Legends have a lot of work to do if they want to satisfy their community and keep people playing the game.

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