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Apex Legends Planet Harvester

Apex Legends Planet Harvester
Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Seasons 4 has officially launcher today, February 4th, 2020. This new season comes as part of a big update from Respawn Entertainment. Big changes happened on World’s Edge, including something called the Planet Harvester.

Apex Legends Planet Harvester

If you have already played a match in the new season, you’ve already noticed this massive new addition to the map. The Planet harvester is a huge mining facility with a giant read beam shooting out the top of it located in the center of the map.

The structure has a few different levels inside of it which makes it an interesting place for combat. Watch out for the massive laser on top of it shooting into the sky, though.

Caution: if you fly through the giant laser on top of the planet harvester, you will immediately die. This will happen even if you are still in the drop ship, as one player found out the hard way…

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