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Apex Legends patch notes for May 27: Valkyrie Nerf, Switch Fixes

Apex Legends patch notes for May 27: Valkyrie Nerf, Switch Fixes

Respawn Entertainment’s May 27 Apex Legends update is here, and we’ve got the patch notes for you. The patch is rolling out in-game as of 1:30 pm EST on May 27 and includes one major Valkyrie nerfs, Switch and Arena fixes, and other miscellaneous stability fixes.

Earlier today, John Larson of Respawn clued us in on Twitter about an upcoming Valk nerf to expect in today’s patch. 

“Valk’s “tac hover” was designed to consume fuel at 10% of the normal rate. With ALGS ramping up, we figured we should remove this exception (we found Valks would often take coffee breaks above the final fight in scrims).”

Apex Legends patch notes for May 27

Here are the Apex Legends patch notes for May 27, 2021:

Switch Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with Switch users being kicked from the game due to system clock manipulation. Sorry Animal Crossing time travelers! Go get your bells.
  • Added a missing confirmation message after purchasing the Bloodhound X Lifeline edition.

Valkyrie Adjustments

  • Hovering while using Valk’s tactical now consumes the same amount of fuel compared to hovering while not using her tactical. This is a balance change meant to address Valkyrie players staying out of the fight for extended periods of time in late-game circles.


  • Fixed the “Win X rounds in Arenas” challenges not tracking wins correctly.


  • Fixed a flickering issue caused by Legends with light effects in the lobby.
  • Miscellaneous stability issues.
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