Apex Legends Nomad Abilities

Apex Legends Nomad

The Apex Legends Iron Crown patch dropped this past Monday. While many players are frustrated with the micro-transaction pricing model, others are digging through the game files looking for leaks. As a result, one data miner found some interesting information pertaining to Apex Legends Nomad.

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That1MiningGuy put out a video detailing the leak and outlining Nomad’s potential abilities, and how the Legend might work.

In the video, he refers to a leak where the Night Terror Wraith skin had a tag called “Nomad Tech” on it, which leads us to believe Nomad had something to do with crafting the Wraith armor.

Nomad Abilities

Passive: Packmule

Nomad and his teammates are granted additional backpack space.

Ability: Loot Compass

Nomad’s Loot Compass allows players to follow it to nearby items. Players will receive a “no loot found” message if there are no nearby items. That1MiningGuy predicts “it will work like a radar system or maybe he’ll actually pull up a compass and look at it.”

Ultimate: Crafting Table

Nomad’s ultimate ability spawns a crafting table where you can scrap material and craft items. The table may allow Nomad to trade in items like grenades and ammunition for attachments. That1MiningGuy explains the quality of the items you salvage will influence the crafted item’s quality.

Respawn Entertainment has not confirmed any of these leaks and it is subject to change and be redeveloped in the future. That1MiningGuy claims that Apex Legends fans won’t have to wait long for some more leaks to be released.

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