Apex Legends New Weapon Leaked

Apex Legends New Weapon Leaked

Fans have found the audio for a new gun, and have speculated this is the Apex Legends new weapon leaked. A data miner on YouTube, responsible for various Apex Legends leaks in the past, has found the audio files for a new gun named Jackhammer.

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In the video, the YouTuber reveals the sound for a file named “weapon_jackhammer_fire_3p” which sounds like two heavy shots, making us think it’s a shotgun. The data miner explained the sound is identifcal to the Leadwall shotgun from Titanfall, the game that Apex Legend is based off of.

The Leadwall from Titanfall fires three projectiles like the Triple Take sniper from Apex Legends. It has a 12-shot magazine, and the bullets ricochet off walls, making it devastating for in close quarters combat, and not effective at medium to long range.

The Triple Take sniper is based off of the D-2 Double Take from Titanfall, and the R-99 smg was called the R-97 in Titanfall, so this would not be the first time that weapons were re-purposed from Titanfall.

Respawn could simply be using the sound from the Leadwall for a completely new weapon, and there’s really no way to tell at the moment. “It could be a new shotgun that simply reuses the old weapons sounds from the Leadwall in Titanfall 2,” the data miner said. “It would certainly save them some development time if they chose that route.”

Some Clarity Around Datamining and Season 1 from r/apexlegends

Respawn’s belief is that leaked information like this from data mining should be treated as pure speculation until they confirm the findings.

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