Apex Legends Mobile: How to Unlock and Equip All Perks
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Apex Legends Mobile: How to Unlock and Equip All Perks

This is how you can unlock and equip all perks in Apex Legends Mobile!
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Apex Legends Mobile has finally arrived. Bringing the popular battle royale to phones and devices around the world for the first time in the franchise’s history. Even though most of the key components are similar to the PC and console version of the game. Apex Legends Mobile still has its own unique set of customizable features. One of which is the all-new perk system.

Here is everything you need to know about perks in Apex Legends Mobile. As well as how to unlock and equip them.

Apex Legends Mobile: How to Unlock and Equip All Perks

Despite being new to Apex, perks are a relatively common form of progression in modern RPGs. Enabling you to further customize and enhance your favorite characters and their abilities. Which is part of the reason why it was introduced to Apex Legends Mobile. Although, because it’s a new feature, even those familiar with the PC and console version of the game will need to learn how the perks system works.

Every legend will have a total of nine perks to unlock across three different colour coded categories; Perks (blue), Finishers (purple), and Ability (red). Each of which will impact a different part of the game. The catch is that you can only have one of each perk type equipped at a time and there are only three total perks for each category. That being said, you will be able to create multiple load outs with different combinations of perks.

However, when you first open up the game, you might be finding it hard to locate the perks menu. This is because you will only be able to unlock the perk system after you’ve completed a few matches (typically three, though there is no set amount). Once you’ve unlocked the perks section, you can begin to equip perks to your Legend.

As with most RPGs, you will only start out with a few perks and will need to work to unlock the rest. And the only way to unlock perks for a particular Legend is by playing matches with that specific character.

As you play more games with each Legend, you will begin to unlock special Tokens. These can then be used to purchase perks for that character. Meaning that you will need to level up each Legend individually and cannot take the tokens you’ve collected for one Legend and apply them to another.

Once you’ve collected a solid amount of Tokens, all you need to do to equip these perks is;

  • Go to Menu
  • Head to the Legends tab
  • Select the Legend that you want to upgrade
  • Hit Details and then Unlock

This will open up the Perks skill tree for that character. Each perk on the skill tree will cost you more tokens as you progress down the line, and you will need to unlock these perks in order. Although the perks also improve the deeper you get into the game.

That’s everything you need to know about how to unlock and equip perks in Apex Legends Mobile. If you found this information useful, be sure to check out our guides section for more breakdowns of other popular gaming titles.

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