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Apex Legends Duos Back for Valentine’s Day Event

Apex Legends duo mode made a comeback just in time for Valentine’s Day. This limited-time game mode has been a fan favorite since it first made an appearance in November 2019. This mode lets you drop in as a two-player team rather than a squad.

Apex Legends Duos Back for Valentine’s Day Event

Respawn Entertainment has finally decided to bring back Apex Legends duos for Valentine’s Day Rendezvous event. The new Valentine’s Day event also includes new cosmetics like Love Struck and Lovefinder Gun Charms, a new Pathfinder Love of the Game Frame, and Through the Heart Longbow DMR skin.


The Valentine’s Day Rendezvous Event runs from February 11th through February 18th, 2020. Be sure to take advantage of the double XP when you squad up with a buddy (up to 20k a day).

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