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Apex Legends Crypto Legend Leaked

The Apex Legends Crypto Leaked

Apex Legends can look forward to a new character found hidden in the game files. The Apex Legends Crypto legend leaked earlier this week, and today a data miner found some evidence that makes us think the character may be coming to the game sooner than anticipated.

In a YouTube video by That1MiningGuy, we can see several files containing the words “terminal” The terminal implies Crypto’s abilities have something to do with hacking, which would be fitting for the character.

That1MiningGuy explains how the terminals may work, “once Crypto hacks them, they may work like a map hack that lets him know when enemies pass by them.” A file called “hackRadius 2000” supports the theory.

He also did a rendering of a terminal image found in the game files. The terminals are speculated to be accessible using Crypto’s abilities. Lastly, a skydiving emote sound was found in the files which is believed to belong to Crypto.

As more game files are uncovered, many are speculating that the release of the new Apex Legends Crypto character is right around the corner.

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