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Apex Legends Character Pick Rates for Season 9

Apex Legends Character Pick Rates for Season 9

Apex Legends’ character roster has grown substantially since its release in early February 2019. With over seventeen characters at this point in Season 9, there’s plenty to select. Only a handful are getting a majority of the picks, though, according to the stats. The pick rates change constantly and are heavily influenced by buffs and nerfs introduced through game patches and updates. Let’s take a look at the Apex Legends Character pick rates for Season 9 so far.

Please note that all of this information is obtained via the data aggregation site ApexLegendsStats. The official statistics are closed off to the public and only available to Respawn Entertainment. The data found here is obtained through players that have connected their accounts, which is over four million people. The data also does not include players who are below level ten to give some more accurate representations.

Apex Legends Character Pick Rates (Season 9)

Here are the most picked characters in Apex Legends Season 9:

  1. Octane: 14.6%
  2. Wraith: 13%
  3. Bloodhound: 11.6%
  4. Lifeline: 8.8%
  5. Valkyrie: 8.5%
  6. Pathfinder: 8.4%
  7. Bangalore: 6.2%
  8. Loba: 4.5%
  9. Horizon: 4%
  10. Mirage: 3.6%
  11. Gibraltar: 3.4%
  12. Caustic: 2.7%
  13. Revenant: 2.7%
  14. Fuse: 2.6%
  15. Wattson: 2.1%
  16. Crypto: 1.7%
  17. Rampart: 1.5%

Octane and Wraith are leading the pack, alongside the original legends, in Season 9. Overall, Octane’s pick rate is up over 7%, while Wraith’s is up nearly 4% from last season. We’ll have to wait and see if the newest character Valkyrie remains a top pick as the season progresses and comes to a close. According to some trends from ApexLegendsStatus, Valkyrie’s pick rate has been declining since peaking around the release.

We see uptrends in Octane, Wraith, Bloodhound, and Loba pick rates throughout the season. Things are subject to change as Respawn introduces new character tweaks, nerfs, and buffs as time goes on.

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