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Apex Legends Blisk Leaked

Apex Legends Blisk

Leaked files imply a new Apex Legends character named Blisk is in the works. Popular YouTuber, The Gaming Merchant, uploaded a new video after finding some files relating to this new Legend.

In the files, Blisk is tagged as an elite mercenary and could possibly be linked to Lifeline. Earlier this year, Respawn Entertainment revealed a letter to Lifeline from an ex-mercenary, in which he thanked Lifeline for saving his life.

In the YouTube video, The Gaming Merchant outlines the mercenary’s abilities and back story.

Blisk Passive Ability: Interrogation

When Blisk executes an opponent, he performs an interrogation on them revealing the location of their allies.

Ability: Throwing Knife

Blisk throws a knife which marks an enemy and deals 20 damage to them. Blisk is awarded double credits for killing the marked target. The credits can then be exchanged for powerful supplies from his ultimate ability.

Ultimate: Payday

It’s not entirely clear how Blisk’s ultimate ability will work. It could work like an air drop or kill streak rewards from Call of Duty. The files suggest you can choose from different supplies with the mouse wheel, so it’s likely there will be tiers of supplies to choose from.

Blisk is one of many characters leaked within the past few weeks. Nomad and Crypto are two other Legends data miners were able to uncover some information on. Since the release of Apex Legends, Respawn has only added two characters. It may be time for some more Legends to join along side Octane and Wattson.

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