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Anime Warriors Tier List (August 2022)

Learn more about these powerful characters!!

Anime Warriors is a Roblox game developed by BlockZone. It incorporates gacha elements into a traditional wave clearing fighting game. The goal is to build the most powerful squad of three characters and swap between them seamlessly in battle. Players will need to roll on banners to unlock anime characters, and the best ones will require a lot of luck or money. There are many heroes to play, which is why we put together this Anime Warriors tier list for you.

As a wave clearing dungeon game, Anime Warriors characters rely a lot on IFrames. These are invincibility frames, meaning you cannot get hit while casting them. That plays a major part in ranking these characters and determining who’s the best. It will also be essential when the developers introduce PvP to the game. Having time to cast your move without being hit or interrupted will allow you to clear waves more easily.

We are also obviously omitting all of the 1-stars, as they are mere fodder. You feed these to the high-tier heroes to level them up, as long as you have some spare Yen on deck. The list below includes all in-game names, but you can tell who they are inspired by if you know anything about anime.

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Anime Warriors Tier List

SBroky, Mihoku, Uraha, The 4th
APikkoro, Bejita, Kashidori, Sanjuro, Zabuzo, Goora, Zorui
BIchigara, Son, Nadda, Ruffy, Ruyu
CKurrin, Tion, Raditsu, Axe-Wielding Lunatic, Narudo, Usopiem, Ched, Kid Goran, Kid Sassy, Master

There you have it, a comprehensive Anime Warriors tier list. Some ranks are based on community feedback from the Anime Warriors Discord. Except for Mihoku and Uraha, we thoroughly tested these characters and their abilities.

S-Tier Breakdown

Broky has the best AoE moves in the game, making clearing waves and endless adventure missions easy. The Saiyan Rage ability has a massive area of effect, and the Trap Shooter ability puts you up in the air for three seconds or so, raining down damage on the enemies. You can use this to buy time for your other cooldowns while being completely invulnerable.

Mihoku does massive damage right off the bat without even feeding. Blade Barrage is the primary damaging AoE ability, while Hawk Hunt is more of a mobility damage dealer, allowing you to charge into enemies. Eviscerate is similar, but it has a massive AoE on it. Ravenger is suitable for single target damage or dealing with clumped-up units in a tight line. 

Uraha also has four abilities like all of the other S-Tier characters. Most of the abilities are pure damage dealers. Haien is a frontal cone fire move that does some massive damage to anyone in front. Senju Koten Taiho is a nice AoE ability with a huge radius. Awaken Benihime activates the Shikai, making the sword glow and deal insane damage. Rikkujokoro summons a bunch of thin yellow beams of energy that slam into the targets and stun them for a short while.

Anime Warriors tier list - The 4th

The 4th is highly mobile and has two high damaging abilities that can damage a crowd of enemies. He is great for kiting enemies with the flash teleport move and then charging in with the two AoE moves. Not to mention, he has a secondary teleport that also damaged enemies in the way.

A-Tier Breakdown

Pikkoro or, Piccolo, as he’s known in the source material — is a high-tier combatant who has developed significantly since his introduction in Dragon Ball.

Bejitaor, Vegeta — is one of the last remaining Saiyans in existence. His abilities should come with a high damage output, given his character arc.

Kashidori or, Kakashi — is a ninja from Konohagakure, or, the Village Hidden in the Leaves. He is known as the “Copycat Ninja” due to his Sharingan eye.

Sanjuro — or, Sanji, as he’s known in One Piece — is the Chef of the Straw Hat Pirates. He’s known for attacks that mostly utilize his legs, including the fierce Diable Jambe.

Zabuzo — also known as Zabuza, from Naruto — is a rogue ninja who uses water-based attacks. He also comes with a gigantic sword that can cut down most foes.

Goora — or, Gaara, from Naruto — is a sand ninja who is known for his cruelty. His attacks can make quick work of most enemies, sending them to a permanent, sandy grave.

Zorui — or, Zoro, from One Piece — is a brutal pirate hunter-turned-pirate who aims to become the best swordsman the world has seen. If only his sense of direction would improve …

B-Tier Breakdown

Ichigara — or, Ichigo Kurosaki, from Bleach — is a substitute Soul Reaper with quite a few surprises up his sleeves. He wields several special abilities that can decimate the opposition.

Son — or, Goku, from Dragon Ball — is one of the most surprising rankings, only because the anime community has made it a meme that no one can beat Goku, least of all Vegeta. But, you’ll have to play as him in the game to determine if this is an accurate one.

Nadda — or, Nappa — is one of the last remaining Saiyans along with Vegeta, Raditz, and Goku. He’s a frightening warrior when it counts, but he is known to get a little overconfident.

Ruffy — or, Luffy, from One Piece — is the man who will become the next King of the Pirates. As such, few enemies can fend off his chaotic flurry of powerful attacks.

Ruyu — or, Uryu, from Bleach — is the last known survivor of the Quincys, a race of powerful warriors who were thought to have gone extinct. But, this character has surpassed the limits attributed to him.

C-Tier Breakdown

Kuririn — or, Krillin, from Dragon Ball — is most suited in C-tier. He is a powerful warrior in his own right, but falls dramatically short of his contemporaries. But, certain enemies won’t stand a chance when put up against this warrior.

Tion — or, Tien, from Dragon Ball — like Kuririn, isn’t the most powerful warrior, but he may surprise you if you underestimate him.

Raditsu — or, Raditz, from Dragon Ball — is one of the last remaining Saiyans alongside Goku, Vegeta, and Nappa. He’s definitely not one to underestimate, though his kin far outrank him in power level.

Axe-Wielding Lunatic — also known as Axe-Hand Morgan, from One Piece — looks intimidating, but he isn’t much when it comes down to the wire.

Narudo — or, Naruto — is a ninja from the hidden leaf village, alongside Kakashi. He’s known as the world’s most hyperactive knucklehead ninja, but he can pull through when it counts.

Usopiem — or, Usopp, from One Piece — is a notorious liar and coward, but desperately strives with each passing day to improve himself. His slingshot attacks may surprise you if you don’t underestimate him.

Ched — or, Chad, from Bleach — is a ferocious, but timid, warrior. He looks intimidating, but he is selective when it comes to the target of his fury.

Kid Goran — or, Kid Gohan, from Dragon Ball — is one of the most powerful in terms of potential, but as it hasn’t unlocked quite yet, into C-tier he goes.

Kid Sassy — or, Kid Sasuke, from Naruto — is a prodigious ninja from the Hidden Leaf Village, but he’s far from unlocked his true potential.

Master — or, Master Roshi, from Dragon Ball — is an old, perverted hermit who spends his time wholly unproductively, but he can definitely be useful in a pinch. Surprisingly so.

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