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Anime Warriors Characters List

All the characters available!
Anime Warriors Characters List

As a Roblox anime game with gacha elements, your primary source of acquiring characters in Anime Warriors will be through summoning them with Crystals. There are a few different banners you can choose from, with an Anime Mashup banner that includes every character in the game. Below you can find a complete list of all Anime Warriors characters in the game right now.

As we mentioned, you can summon new characters by paying crystals on a given banner. There are specific banners based on certain animes, such as Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, and more. If you are after a particular character, you will probably want to pick the banner that features them.

Luckily, there is a pity system implemented in the game which guarantees a 4-star or higher drop after a certain number of summons. It is a common mechanic in gacha games, and you can learn more about pity here. Each banner also has specific rates of summoning different tier characters, which you can view by clicking on the details button for a given banner.

Check out our Anime Warriors codes for exclusive in-game rewards like Crystals, Yen, Boosts, and more to help you get started and summon more characters.

All Characters in Anime Warriors

There are many characters available in Anime Warriors, which are all based on characters from popular anime series. You can probably find your favorite character in the list, but if not, don’t worry, because the developers are planning to add lots more characters. We will keep our Anime Warriors characters list updated as new ones release.

6-Star Characters (Ultimate)

  • Endeava (Endeavor)
  • Broky (Brolly)
  • Mihoku (Mihawk)
  • Uraha (Kisuke Urahara)
  • All Might (Toshinori Yahi)

5-Star Characters (Legendary)

  • Byakuya
  • Dabi (Dabi)
  • The 4th (Minato Namikaze)

4-Star Characters (Epic)

  • FlameIce (Todoroki)
  • Deki Full Cowl (Deku)
  • Baki (Bakugo)
  • Bejita (Vegeta)
  • Zabuzo (Zabuza)
  • Zorui (Zoro)
  • Goora (Gaara)
  • Kashidori (Kakashi)

3-Star Characters (Super Rare)

  • Denko (Denki)
  • Ide (Ida)
  • Raditsu (Raditz)
  • Pikkoro (Piccolo)
  • Ruffy (Luffy)
  • Sanjuro (Sanji)
  • Son (Goku)
  • Ruyu (Uryu)
  • Kid Sassy (Kid Sasuke)
  • Nadda (Nappa)
  • Ichigan (Ichigo)

2-Star Characters (Rare)

  • Yugo (Yuga)
  • Urara (Uraraka)
  • Narudo (Naruto)
  • Ched (Chad)
  • Usopie (Usopp)
  • Axe Wielding (Axe-Hand Morgan)
  • Yamucha (Yamcha)
  • Hikuma (Higuma)
  • Tion (Tien)
  • Kuririn (Krillin)
  • Kid Goran (Kid Gohan)
  • Master Roshi

1-Star Characters (Common)

  • Punk
  • Bandit
  • Mizuki
  • Marine
  • Mist Shinobi
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