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Anime Warriors – how to get artifacts

Here's how to get artifacts.
Anime Warriors – how to get artifacts

Anime Warriors is a new Roblox anime game where players summon characters and use a squad of three to defend against waves of enemies. You can play solo or with up to three other friends, and eventually, you’ll be able to PvP against others. It’s a bit of a dungeon defense game, using anime-inspired characters. If you want to power up your Anime Warriors characters to reach their full potential, you’ll want to look into finding Artifacts.

The game utilizes an Artifacts system, where you can find Artifacts and equip them for bonus stats. It’s similar to other RPG games, but instead of armor and weapons, these are your main pieces of gear. We will explain how to get Artifacts in Anime Warriors, browse and equip them, and find better ones in the guide below.

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How to get Artifacts

To obtain artifacts in Anime Warriors, you’ll need to head on into Adventure Mode. You can do this by clicking on the bottom right of your screen while in town. Artifacts have a random chance to drop from enemies, and you’ll easily notice them by seeing the item on the ground. Click on the artifact to pick it up. You may need to zoom in closely and wait until your mouse cursor turns into a finger pointer. At that point, left-click to pick it up. It will be in your inventory when you finish the dungeon.

How to see your Artifacts

You can browse all of your current Artifacts by opening up your inventory (while not in a dungeon) and tapping the Artifacts button on the top left. There will be a list of all the Artifacts you’ve obtained, along with a rarity level denoted by a star icon. Each Artifact has some stats on it that can boost a character’s cooldowns, health percent, attack percent, movement speed, raw attack, and raw health. The stats appear to be randomized on each Artifact.

How to look at your Artifacts

How to equip Artifacts

Equip your Artifacts on any character you see fit, but remember, you must not have a character equipped if you want to put an Artifact on it. Go into your inventory, and pick a different character to equip over the character you want to place an Artifact on. Then, go back into your inventory, click on the Artifact tab, and you can equip your character.

Most of the Artifacts you find will be common 1-stars, but you’ll occasionally stumble upon some higher quality ones. The higher tier difficulty dungeons you play on, the betters Artifacts you’ll find. Now you know everything about how to find and use Artifacts in Anime Warriors. Good luck!

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