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Anime Warriors – How to Summon Characters

Summon the characters you need!

Anime Warriors is a dungeon battle anime game from BlockZone. It incorporates gacha game mechanics, which means you’ll be spending in-game currency to summon your characters. If you have never played a game like this, you may want to know how it works. Here is a breakdown of how to summon characters in Anime Warriors, the different rarities, and what you will need to summon.

There are six character tiers or rarities in Anime Warriors: Common, Rare, Super Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Ultimate. 1-Star (Common) characters generally have the lowest stats, and you will use them as fodder for your more powerful heroes. Characters 4-star and over have four skills, while characters 3-star and under have three or fewer skills.

Summoning in Anime Warriors

To summon characters in Anime Warriors, tap on the summon bottom located on the bottom left of the screen while in-game. There are different banners you can spend in-game currency (Crystals) on to summon characters. The banners at launch include Anime Mashup, Pirate Plunder, Shinobi Storm, Saiyan Storm, and Fodder. Click on the Details button on the bottom left of each banner to see which characters are included in it.

Anime Mashup is the cheapest banner, but it also includes every character. Therefore, if you are after a specific character, you will have lower overall odds of getting it. Banners will likely rotate over time, featuring different characters and new ones when they release.

How much does it cost to summon characters?

The cost to summon varies by the banner. Anime Mashup banner costs 50 Crystals to summon one character or 500 Crystals to summon ten characters. Shinobi Storm costs 100 Crystals to summon one character or 1000 Crystals to summon ten. The Fodder banner includes all common characters, and costs Yen instead of Crystals.

How does pity work in Anime Warriors

The pity system guarantees at least a 4-star character if you don’t get one within a certain number of spins. When you do get one, the pity system resets and begins again. It is a basic pity system that nearly every gacha game incorporates. We have an entire write-up on how pity works in gacha games, so give it a read.

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