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All Weapons in the Last Faith Explained

Choose your weapon!
Fighting Ice Monster in The Last Faith
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The Last Faith is a brutal combination of Castlevania and Bloodborne. It combines the unforgiving gameplay of Soulsborne games with an exploration of Castlevania games. This game sends you against the hordes of enemies, and you can rely only on yourself and your trusty weapons to defend yourself.

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The Last Faith: Full Weapon List

There are 13 weapons in the game, and each of them has its ups and downs. You can upgrade them, but I would recommend unlocking every weapon and then, in the reruns, choosing the best for any situation. The Last Faith weapons are the following, in the order of unlocking:

  • Nightfall Blade
  • SkullCleaver
  • Nighttide’s Rout
  • Blunderblade
  • Ethereal Great Blade
  • Stormchaser Macewhip
  • Spinal Chain Blade
  • Severance Reaper
  • Illygrarth Boreal Blade
  • Firestriker Blade
  • Holy Winged Axe
  • The Devourer of the Betrayed
  • The Rift of Blood

Nightfall Blade

Nightfall Blade is your first weapon, and you’ll get it at the beginning of the campaign. It is a simple short blade without any stat that excels. Nonetheless, it is pretty handy in close combat situations.


Now, for the heavy hitters. SkullCleaver is a slow-moving but powerful weapon. This weapon is located in the Broken Pass area. If you enjoy slow weapons that deal a lot of damage in one powerful swing, this weapon is good for you.

Nighttide’s Rout

Remember how Belmonts liked to use whips in Castlevania? This weapon is an obvious homage to that. This whip-like weapon can be found in the City of Mythringal. Despite not having a big damage value, Nighttide Rout’s range is great, and it’s very handy against flying-type enemies.


The Blunderblade and the Nightfall Blade are two very similar short weapons. After saving the Blacksmith in the City of Mythringal, you can buy the weapon from him. Blunderblade is not very distinctive, save for the ability to knock back during a combo.

Ethereal Great Blade

This name sounds wicked, and with a reason. This blade is one of the best weapons the game has to offer. In comparison to its size, it is long, swift, and has a high damage rating. The item is available in the Drowned Crypt area of the map. Upgrading the Ethereal Great Blade to the highest level till the very end is something I strongly advise.

Stormchaser Macewhip

As the name indicates, this weapon is a combination of a mace and a whip. We already have a whip-like weapon, Nighttide’s Rout. However, unlike Rout, Stormchaser is a hard-hitting weapon with great damage stats. This will come in handy during the middle stages of the game. To find this weapon, you should explore the Esk Mansion.

Spinal Chain Blade

Another amazing weapon that can be found in the middle of the game is the Spinal Chain Blade. It has range, a respectable attack bonus, and a special move that deals damage akin to that of a dark spell. You can grab the weapon in the Liturgical Pass.

Severance Reaper

This is another weapon of the highest class in the game. It looks like a scythe, and it has great combo ability, speed, and range. The latter is also very useful when dealing with some flying enemies in the middle stages of the game. You’ll find the Reaper in the Damned Ruins of the Osseus Fortress.

Illygrarth Boreal Blade

The Illygrath Boreal Blade is another strong steel blade that you should have in your collection. It functions just like any other blade in the game, but what makes it unique is its frozen enchantment, which lets you stun opponents and displace them in combat. After defeating the boss Starlight Beast in Moonshade Lake, you can get the weapon.

Firestriker Blade

This weapon’s name is quite suggestive. Firestriker Blade has two attack modes, both involving fire elements. With the first, you can use the blade as a flame thrower, and with the second, you can shoot a wave of fire forward. Both are extremely powerful and just as deadly when facing off against stronger opponents. Later on in the game, the Blacksmith will sell you the weapon for Nycrux.

Holy Winged Axe

In the late game, the Holy Winged Axe is a decent weapon. Moves like the simultaneous forward and backswing and the Frost enchantment attacks are among the highlights. However, considering its lack of range and damage output in comparison to other weapons in the late game, it’s inferior compared to other late-game weapons. You can discover the Holy Winged Axe by exploring the Gardens of Regnant Palace.

The Devourer of the Betrayed 

This is a really cool name for a weapon. However, the weapon itself is not up to the name. The Devourer of the Betrayed is a dark enchantment sword that looks like a katana. It is pretty quick and deals with dark-style attacks, but save for that, there’s nothing special about it. You can find this katana in the Crypt Skull areas of Mythringal.

The Rift of Blood 

Without a doubt, the finest weapon in the game is the Rift of Blood. It is the weapon with the highest damage output, capable of dealing up to 900 damage in a single swing if upgraded to the maximum level. Furthermore, it is a very vicious weapon due to the blood-type enchantment and AOE-style attacks. After filling the four Blood Chalices in the Damned Ruins of the Osseus Fortress, you can obtain this weapon.

The Last Faith poses a great challenge to players, and choosing the right weapon is a crucial skill if you want to go through the game victorious. For more related content, check out All Bosses in The Last Faith.

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