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All Bosses in The Last Faith

Wait, there are how many ??
Fighting Ice Monster in The Last Faith
Image via Kumi Souls Games

The Last Faith is the latest Metroidvania gem from indie game developer Kumi Souls Games. It’s not been out for long, but it’s already captivated players with its Metroidvania gameplay, side-scrolling platformer elements, and spooky gothic horror themes!

As players navigate a captivatingly haunted world corrupted by an ancient ruling religion, they are faced with numerous merciless enemies and bosses. In this article, we will delve into the many tough-to-beat bosses that players will inevitably encounter throughout The Last Faith.

Full Boss List in The Last Faith

There is certainly no shortage of enemies in this game, bosses included. There are currently 20 total bosses in The Last Faith, which is far more than anyone in their right mind would be comfortable with.

Thankfully, though, they aren’t all mandatory; there are some of them that only need to be fought depending on which ending you’re going for.

Here are all 20 of the bosses in The Last Faith, in order:

  • The Giant Patron
  • Winged Pale Lament
  • Dr. Ridley Harmann
  • Edwyn, the Shadowscourge Horror
  • Starborn Nighthunter
  • Yegor & Leena
  • Voracious Terror
  • The Burnt Apostate
  • Starlight Beast of Illygarth
  • Starborn Nighthunter (2)
  • Lisa
  • Mannfred the Accursed
  • The Harbinger of Nightmare
  • Cold One Beast
  • Leena
  • The Old Wymond
  • Nyxaroth, the Eldritch Wight
  • Lord Patryk Laddak
  • Annabella & Caterina
  • Medeya, the Cosmic Voice

As players traverse The Last Faith’s haunting landscapes, these 20 bosses stand as formidable gatekeepers, each guarding a piece of the game’s intricate narrative.

Conquering them requires not only skillful combat but also a deep understanding of their unique mechanics; don’t feel bad if you can’t get some of them on the first try!

Shooting an Enemy in The Last Faith
Image via Kumi Souls Games

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Are There Save Points Before Boss Fights?

In a game with as many bosses as The Last Faith, you’d think that the game would give you ample opportunity to save prior to each battle. Unfortunately, The Last Faith does not provide players with save points immediately prior to boss fights.

That doesn’t mean that you’re entirely screwed if you fail a boss battle, however. There are still points where you can save in this game, and you’ll simply be teleported back to them in the case of your death.

Try to save your game as often as possible in The Last Faith. You never know when you’re going to run into a tough enemy or, worse, a boss!

If you love side-scrolling Metroidvania games like The Last Faith and can’t get enough of playing them, then you’d love playing Hollow Knight and Blasphemous 2! Both of these titles share an eerie number of similarities with The Last Faith; you’d almost have a hard time distinguishing them from one another.

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