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Blood West All weapons
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Blood West will put you before some nasty pieces of work, and if you want to remove their heads effectively, you’re going to need serious firepower. However, like in any game, you will have to work your way up to get the most powerful weapons in your hands.

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Keep reading to find the complete list of Weapons in Blood West, as well as their stats. This comprehensive list will help you understand this game better and what you can expect from it as you advance.

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Blood West: Full Weapon List

There is a total of X weapons in Blood West, and they can be found throughout all 3 chapters. There are permanent bonuses that apply regardless of the weapon you have, and those are:

  • Surprise bonus – 8x normal damage (melee weapons only)
  • Headshot bonus – 5x normal damage
  • Golden ammo – 2x normal damage (ranged weapons only)
  • Golden ammo headshot – 10x normal damage (ranged weapons only)

Here’s the full table of weapons.

Rusty AxePrimary Damage: 10
Secondary Damage: 20
Axe Primary Damage: 13
Secondary Damage: 30
Living VinesPrimary Damage: 15
Secondary Damage: 35
Left Hand PathPrimary Damage: 25
Secondary Damage: 50
Four WindsPrimary Damage: 23
Secondary Damage: 40
Rusty KnifePrimary Damage: 5
Secondary Damage: 15
KnifePrimary Damage: 7
Secondary Damage: 20
Bone KnifePrimary Damage: 10
Secondary Damage: 23
Endless HungerPrimary Damage: 15
Secondary Damage: 25
Needle of FatePrimary Damage: 18
Secondary Damage: 28
The EdgePrimary Damage: 20
Secondary Damage: 50
HatredPrimary Damage: 25
Secondary Damage: 50
Range: 15m
LionheartPrimary Damage: 25
Secondary Damage: 60
Stone MacePrimary Damage: 30
Secondary Damage: 50
Range: 30
Hunting BowPrimary Damage: 21
Range: 21m
Spirit BowPrimary Damage: 28
Range: 21m
Bloody HuntPrimary Damage: 35
Range: 21m
SpitePrimary Damage: 38
Range: 21m
CrossbowPrimary Damage: 40
Range: 25m
Iron ThornPrimary Damage: 44
Range: 25m
Mors SubitaPrimary Damage: 49
Range: 25m
Rusty RevolverPrimary Damage: 17
Range: 25m
RevolverPrimary Damage: 22
Range: 25m
Orb of NightPrimary Damage: 30
Range: 25m
Avenger PistolPrimary Damage: 33
Range: 25m
The RattlerPrimary Damage: 38
Range: 25m
BreathlessPrimary Damage: 40
Range: 25m
DecapitatorPrimary Damage: 70
Range: 7m
Rusty ShotgunPrimary Damage: 60
Range: 7m
ShotgunPrimary Damage: 70
Range: 11m
The Hermit StickPrimary Damage: 75
Range: 11m
Emerald EyesPrimary Damage: 90
Range: 10m
Last BreathPrimary Damage: 90
Range: 11m
SentencePrimary Damage: 100
Range: 12m
Rusty WinchesterPrimary Damage: 18
Range: 20m
Winchester Primary Damage: 20
Range: 35m
Drunk MasterPrimary Damage: 20
Range: 35m
HederaPrimary Damage: 32
Range: 35m
Wolf’s FangPrimary Damage: 35
Range: 38m
Buffalo RiflePrimary Damage: 120
Range: 35m
The Second ComingPrimary Damage: 130
Range: 35m
Red BillPrimary Damage: 140
Range: 35m
Call of the AbyssPrimary Damage: 155
Range: 38m

We hope this list helped you through your Blood West adventures. For more related content, see Is Blood West on Steam Deck.

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