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All Songs on Sonic Frontiers OST (Original Soundtrack)

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Music and video games are entangled since the early beginnings of video game history. Throughout it, we have discovered original soundtracks (or OSTs) and their respective composers that have changed our lives. Koji Kondo with Mario and Zelda, Grant Kirkhope with several Rare classic games, Nobuo Uematsu with Final Fantasy, and, of course, Tomoya Ohtani for the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. On said note, with the latest game of the blue hedgehog releasing in November, fans are waiting to enjoy a great experience, alongside an OST that will match the hype. Today, we will talk about the songs on Sonic Frontiers OST and where to listen to them.

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All Songs on Sonic Frontiers OST (Original Soundtrack) and Where to Listen

If Sega wanted to contain the hype, well, they aren’t doing a very good job. Earlier on October 2022, Tomoya Ohtani, Sonic Series sound director, announced via Twitter that Sonic Frontiers’ OST will contain no less than 150 songs! That’s a lot. Believe me, you will enjoy this for quite some time.


“Stillness & Motion” is the name of the six-CD collection that will include a 40-page commentary book. Sonic maniacs around the world, don’t worry, the whole OST will be available to stream worldwide on December 7, 2022. On the meantime, here is a complete list of all 150 tracks throughout the 6 CDs.

Disc 1

  1. I’m Here (feat. Merry Kirk-Holmes)
  2. Cutscene: Hidden Technology
  3. Cutscene: Arriving on Starfall Islands
  4. Cyber Space 1-1: Database
  5. Cutscene: The Last Piece
  6. Kronos Island: 1st Mvt.
  7. Guardians: First Encounters
  8. Cyber Space 1-2: Flowing
  9. Jingle: Chaos Emerald Vault
  10. Jingle: Create a Bridge
  11. Jingle: Get Chaos Emeralds
  12. Kronos Island: 2nd Mvt.
  13. Cyber Space 1-3: Digital Cave
  14. Guardian: ASURA
  15. Cutscene: Trapped
  16. Cutscene: Intangible Amy
  17. Kronos Island: 3rd Mvt.
  18. Cutscene: Mystery Girl
  19. Cutscene: Sonic on the move
  20. Jingle: Quest – Intro
  21. Jingle: Quest – Start
  22. Quest: SOS Backup
  23. Jingle: Quest – Clear
  24. Cutscene: Purification of Souls
  25. Cyber Space 1-4: Genshi
  26. Cyber Space: Result Screen

Disc 2

  1. Kronos Island: 4th Mvt.
  2. Cutscene: For Whom
  3. Guardian: SQUID
  4. Cyber Space 1-5: Dropaholic
  5. Kronos Island: 5th Mvt.
  6. Guardian: NINJA
  7. Cyber Space 1-6: Go Back 2 Your Roots
  8. Kronos Island: 6th Mvt.
  9. Cyber Space 1-7: Time Flyer
  10. Guardian: TOWER
  11. Kronos Island: 7th Mvt.
  12. Theme of Koco
  13. Fishing Vibes
  14. Jingle: Land a catch
  15. Jingle: Land a new catch
  16. Jingle: Get Vault Keys
  17. Cutscene: Eggman’s Notes
  18. Cutscene: No Way Out
  19. Cutscene: Premonition
  20. Cutscene: One Last Wish
  21. Cutscene: Keep your head up
  22. Jingle: Achievement
  23. Titan: GIGANTO
  24. Undefeatable (feat. Kellin Quinn)
  25. Cutscene: To the new frontier

Disc 3

  1. Cutscene: Super Sonic fallen
  2. Ares Island: 1st Mvt.
  3. Cutscene: Intangible Knuckles
  4. Cyber Space 2-1: Slice & Sway
  5. Guardian: SHARK
  6. Ares Island: 2nd Mvt.
  7. Cutscene: Titan Puppeteer
  8. Guardian: STRIDER
  9. Cyber Space 2-2: Heavenly Sky
  10. Cutscene: Rejection
  11. Ares Island: 3rd Mvt.
  12. Cyber Space 2-3: Nostalgic Sweep
  13. Cutscene: The Vision
  14. Cutscene: Builders of the Ancient Civilization
  15. Ares Island: 4th Mvt.
  16. Cyber Space 2-4: Hype Street
  17. Guardian: TANK
  18. Ares Island: 5th Mvt.
  19. Cyber Space 2-5: Déjà vu
  20. Cyber Space: Result Screen – Complete
  21. Cutscene: Visions of Home
  22. Quest: The Best Defense
  23. Jingle: Quest – Fail
  24. Jingle: Quest – Result
  25. Cutscene: Ascent of Fallen Warriors

Disc 4

  1. Ares Island: 6th Mvt.
  2. Cutscene: Another tomorrow
  3. Cyber Space 2-6: Transparent Highway
  4. Guardian: SUMO
  5. Cyber Space 2-7: Floating in the Blue
  6. Ares Island: 7th Mvt.
  7. Titan: WYVERN
  8. Break Through It All (feat. Kellin Quinn)
  9. Cutscene: To Another Frontier
  10. Chaos Island: 1st Mvt.
  11. Cutscene: Intangible Tails
  12. Cyber Space 3-1: Escape the Loop
  13. Guardian: SPIDER
  14. Chaos Island: 2nd Mvt.
  15. Cutscene: Star Crossed
  16. Cutscene: Beyond the past
  17. Island Mystery: Hacking Mission
  18. Jingle: Hacking Mission – Clear
  19. Jingle: Hacking Mission – Fail
  20. Jingle: Mystery Solved
  21. Cyber Space 3-2: Go Slap
  22. Chaos Island: 3rd Mvt.
  23. Cyber Space 3-3: Memory will tell

Disc 5

  1. Chaos Island: 4th Mvt.
  2. Guardian: FORTRESS
  3. Cyber Space 3-4: Constructure
  4. Cutscene: Resolution of Sage
  5. Cutscene: EQ
  6. Chaos Island: 5th Mvt.
  7. Cyber Space 3-5: BMB
  8. Quest: Bridge the Gap
  9. Chaos Island: 6th Mvt.
  10. Cutscene: Heart and Soul
  11. Chaos Island: 7th Mvt.
  12. Cyber Space 3-6: Enjoy this World
  13. Island Mystery: Pinball
  14. Cyber Space 3-7: All Reality
  15. Titan: KNIGHT
  16. Find Your Flame (feat. Kellin Quinn & Tyler Smyth)
  17. Cutscene: Last Ordeal
  18. Cutscene: The Six Wedges
  19. Rhea Island
  20. Cutscene: Chaos Engine
  21. Cutscene: Fallen Ancestrial Star
  22. Cutscene: Inextinguishable Doubt
  23. Cutscene: The Will of the Emeralds
  24. Cutscene: The Beginning of the End
  25. Cutscene: Titan Finale
  26. Cutscene: Sealing
  27. Cutscene: The Losing Soul
  28. Cutscene: Time to unite

Disc 5

  1. Ouranos Island
  2. Cyber Space 4-1: Exceed Mach
  3. Enemy: WOLF
  4. Cyber Space 4-2: Ephemeral
  5. Cyber Space 4-3: Rumble Rave
  6. Guardian: CATERPILLAR
  7. Cyber Space 4-4: Wishes in the Wind
  8. Cyber Space 4-5: Arrow of Time
  9. Cyber Space 4-6: Fog Funk
  10. Theme of Starfall Islands
  11. Guardian: GHOST
  12. Cyber Space 4-7: Rewind to go ahead
  13. Cyber Space 4-8: No Pain, No Gain
  14. Cyber Space 4-9: Signs
  15. Cutscene: Face-off
  16. Titan: SUPREME – I’m Here [Re-Edit]
  17. Cutscene: Fake Moon
  18. I’m with you
  19. Cutscene: Unheard
  20. Cutscene: Lost Friend
  21. Dear Father (feat. Quinn Barnitt)
  22. Cutscene: A Wonderful World
  23. One Way Dream (feat. Nathan Sharp)

In the meantime, here are a couple of Sonic Frontiers songs available currently in Spotify. Until December 6, I would recommend checking out Sonic the Hedgehog’s YouTube Channel from time to time in order to get your wheels going for the official release date.

Sonic Frontiers is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Windows. If you like our Sonic Frontiers content, make sure to check out Is Sonic Frontiers Open World? and Sonic Frontiers Shows First Gameplay in New Trailer.

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