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Where to find an Energy Drink Can in Stray

They are not for the cat, it's okay.
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Energy Drink Cans are an important resource in Stray. The robots that inhabit the city you are exploring do not want much, but they do at least want energy drink cans, which gives you a way to bargain with them. In this guide, we will show you where to find them.

Where to find Energy Drink Cans in Stray

When you first arrive in the town, you will meet the Guardian. Clad in a red cloak and golden helmet, he appears to protect the machines who live here. If you head to the left of this mechanical Guardian and walk down some stairs, you will notice some vending machines on the right.

One of them will be lit up, and you can interact with it. Doing so will cause your cat to mash the buttons, and a can will fall out. You can then interact with the can, and B-12 will pick it up for you. After that, you will need to find lots of other vending machines that are hidden throughout the game. When you get a can from a vending machine, you will not be able to get any other energy drink cans from it.

You will be able to trade in the Energy Drink Cans at the vendor to the right of the Guardian in order to get your hands on some important items.

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