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All Lava Fishing Items in Terraria Journey’s End

All Lava Fishing Items in Terraria Journey's End

With the new Terraria Journey’s End update, there are a lot of new items to explore. In this guide, we’ll take a look at all the new lava fishing items in Terraria Journey’s End. To begin fishing in lava, you will first need a few things. You can head over to our Lava Fishing Guide to figure out how to get started on that.

All Lava Fishing Items in Terraria Journey’s End

Assuming you have the unique bait or hotline fishing rod for Lava fishing, it’s time to fish up some loot. You can get Hellstone Crates and Obsidian Crates, and regular straight-up loot. Lava fishing can be a time-consuming task, as it seems bites are less frequent than non-lava fishing.

Non-crate Lava Fishing Items 

  • Demon Conch – teleports you to hell
  • Lava Absorbent Sponge – soaks up lava
  • Bottomless Lava Bucket – fills up an area with lava
  • Flarefin Koi – crafting material for Inferno Potion
  • Obsidifish – crafting material for Inferno Potion

Obsidian and Hellstone Crates Lava Fishing Items

  • Lava Charm – crafting material
  • Volcanoes – decoration
  • Lava Serpent Bowl – decoration
  • Magma Plants – decoration
  • Hanging Pot – decoration
  • Armored Lavaproof Fishing Hook – fish in lava with regular bait
  • Ornate Shadow Key – Summons a pet shadow mimic
  • Slice of Hell Cake – Summons a baby imp
  • Flame Waker Boots – Vanity item, material for Terraspark Boots
  • Superheated Blood – Lava shark mount
  • Obsidian Lock Box – Require a shadow key to open
    • Dark Lance
    • Flamelash
    • Flower of Fire
    • Sunfury
    • Hellwing Bow
    • Treasure Magnet
    • Demonic Hell Cart

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