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All Golf Gang Ball Modifiers & How They Work

There are many Ball Modifiers, so let's break them down.
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The craziness that is Golf Gang is an extremely exciting thing. Whether alone or with friends, this game has hours upon hours of fun to be had within it. With various courses to play on, many customization options for your Golf Ball, and Ball Modifiers, there’s no shortage of experimentation within this new style of golf. But you may be wondering, “what are ball Modifiers”. Well, we’ve seen them all and can tell you exactly how they work.

How Ball Modifiers Work

Golf Gang Ball Modifiers Multiplayer
Image via Gamer Journalist/Curve Games

One of the many purchasable customization options for your Golf Ball in Golf Gang is the Ball Modifiers. These wacky items are actually sort of a set of different superpowers you can give to your ball. They all vary in price and can give your ball some very cool modifications that make it possible for things such as the highly coveted Hole-In-One.

To purchase these Ball Modifiers, you’ll need to rack up some of the points you earn from playing the game’s many courses. Each modification has a different price but doesn’t cost too much, with the lowest coming in at 15 points and the highest ones costing only 50. Ball Modifiers really come in handy in many situations. One is the hole-in-one of course, which we’ve gone into detail on in another article. Additionally, they play a big part in multiplayer.

These modifiers can really make for some hilarious moments with friends and can increase the entertainment value if you’re streaming too. They’re also pretty fun when you’re playing by yourself if you’re interested in trick-shotting your ball to the hole. Though, it’s important to note that Ball Modifiers can only be used in a Multiplayer created game. But don’t worry, as you can just lock the lobby and go into a game by yourself.

All Golf Gang Ball Modifiers

Here are all of the currently available Ball Modifiers, their price, and how their abilities work.

  • Energized – Shots recharge twice as fast – 15
  • Explosive Collisions – Balls explode when they collide with each other – 15
  • Growth Spurt – Each shot grows the size of your ball – 15
  • Vertical Shots – Shoots balls at 45-degree angles – 15
  • Supershot – Doubles the power of each shot – 20
  • Jump – Gain the ability to jump – 20
  • Low Gravity – Reduce Gravity – 20
  • Bullet Time – Slows down time while aiming – 25
  • Timed Shots – Time your shots to power them – 25
  • Hot Potato – Spawns a bomb on a player at the start of each hole, colliding will transfer it – 30
  • Vroom – Turns ball into a wheel – 30
  • Rubberize – Golf balls become bouncy – 30
  • Cockpit – Swapts to a first-person cam – 50
  • Confusion – Balls shoot backward every other shot – 50

Those are all of the Ball Modifiers in Golf Gang and how they work! Happy golfing!

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