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How To Get a Hole in One in Golf Gang

Getting a hole-in-one isn't that easy at first.
Golf Gang Winter Course
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Golf Gang has been an addictive new experience for many gamers. Aside from the standard golfing fare, Golf Gang introduces many crazy and cookie elements that make the game feel fresh and new. One thing that most players are going to emulate is going to be getting a hole-in-one. For those unaware, a hole-in-one is when all you do is hit the ball once and it goes in. That’s easier said than done in Golf Gang though, as many courses are downright insane. But we know a more unorthodox way to get it done so that you can earn the in-game achievement.

How To Get a Hole in One in Golf Gang

Golf Gang Modifiers Screen
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Though most folks looking to get a hole-in-one in Golf Gang are just looking to do so for the love of the game, you’ll be pleased to know that in doing so you’ll unlock a new achievement called “Hole in One!” for your troubles. And while it’s not an easy task, there is a way to do it through the game’s many modifiers. Let’s dive in and explain.

  • Firstly, you’re going to want to play the game a bit to earn the in-game currency in order to be able to afford the modifiers that make your ball do different things.
  • There are 3 modifiers that you’re going to want to purchase to get a hole-in-one.
  • Once you have about 100 of the in-game currency, head to the store which is located at the very top-right of the screen. It’s near your Steam profile picture and marked with a market icon.
  • From there, purchase the Supershot, Jump, and Vertical Shot modifiers.
  • Supershot gives you more power behind the swing, Jump allows you to make the ball jump in mid-air without it counting as a stroke (swing), and Vertical Shot allows you to angle the ball upwards at about 45 degrees.
  • After you’ve purchased those, head to the Multiplayer menu and select “Create Game”.
  • You can only enable modifiers within Multiplayer though you luckily don’t have to have anyone in your lobby to play.
  • Next, go ahead and select your map, and whichever game mode you’d like, it doesn’t matter which.
  • Be sure to head to the modifiers tab in that same menu before starting the match, and enable all three of them.
  • Go ahead and start the match.
  • Once you’re ready, just aim for wherever the hole and flag are and swing hard.
  • Each course is different so just be mindful of the flag.
  • If you need additional air time to make it, be sure to utilize the Jump for your ball.
  • Getting a hole-in-one can be achieved by either having your ball touch the hole itself or anywhere on the flag that sits in it.
  • After successfully getting a hole-in-one you’ll be given the Hole in One! achievement.

Now you know how to get a hole-in-one on Golf Gang! It’s actually pretty easy to do once you have the proper modifiers but can be a headache if you aren’t aware of that early on. Good luck!

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