All Console Commands for House Party

Liven up the party.

House Party is an interactive sitcom-like game where you attend a party and can basically do anything you like. You will interact with other people attending, hear their stories, complete tasks, and, if you play your cards right, even end up in some pretty interesting and wild situations.

If you don’t like completing lengthy tasks and would like to have a more relaxed approach to the game, you can take advantage of the console commands or cheat codes to change aspects of the game to be a little more fun and chaotic. Keep reading to find out how you can do so.

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How to Activate Console Commands in House Party?

To activate console commands in House Party, simply press ~ key, the backquote button (the one sitting next to “1” on your keyboard). After pressing it, a black box will appear to enter any of the following commands.

One important thing you should note when entering these commands is that they will prevent you from getting the in-game achievements in that save file. So, like in GTA V and plenty of other games, if you like to get every icon from that achievement portfolio, you should skip using console commands for that save file.

All Console Commands and Cheats for House Party

Character Names

You can use any of the following character names in your console commands. The Game Grumps (Dan and Arin) cannot be affected by intimacy codes.

  • Player
  • Leah
  • Lety
  • Vickie
  • Madison
  • Derek
  • Ashley
  • Patrick
  • Rachael
  • Katherine
  • Frank
  • Amy
  • Stephanie
  • Brittney
  • Dan
  • Arin


Image via Eek! Games
  • intimacy player [character(s)] [position] [sexualact]

Example: intimacy player Madison 10050 sexualact will let you have doggy style with Madison. If you enter only one character and 10051, they will start masturbating wherever they are.

You can use any of the following numbers, which will provide a different sexual act.

  • 9000: make out
  • 10000: giving head
  • 10011: hot tub handjob (works without the hot tub also)
  • 10030: missionary
  • 10050: doggy style
  • 10051: masturbate
  • 10052: cowgirl
  • 10053: cunnilingus
  • 10054: 69
  • 10055: against the wall with leg up
  • 10056: against wall doggy style
  • 10057: against the wall, picked up

You will also need to remove clothes (commands below) for any character involved for this command to work.


  • cutscene playscene threesomeffm_masterbedroom [player] [Stephanie] [Brittney]

Yes, you can have threesomes at the House Party. Unfortunately, in this intimate act, you will get to be the observer and not the active participant. You can have the following people in threesomes:

  • Katherine
  • Amy
  • Stephanie
  • Brittney
  • Leah
  • Madison
  • Ashley
  • Rachael

Orgasm Sensitivity

  • values player OrgasmSensitivity equals [value]

Example: values player OrgasmSensitivity equals 9. The value can be any number between zero and nine, which will change how close you are to having an orgasm.

Remove Clothes

  • clothing [character name] change [cloth] [on or off]

Cloth determines what item you are giving or removing that character. Use one of the below numbers or name that determines the item:

  • All – removes everything
  • 0 – top
  • 1 – bottom
  • 2 – pants
  • 3 – bra
  • 4 – shoes
  • 5 – accessory
  • 6 – strap-on (girls only)

Example: clothing all change all off to remove all of the clothes for everyone in the house.

Body Parts Size

  • bodypart [body part] [target person] [value]

Example: bodypart butt Leah 0.50 will reduce Leah’s butt by 50%.

Possible body parts you can change are breasts, head, penis, hands, butt, or feet. The value can be anything between 0.1 and 10.

Boost Friendship or Romance

  • social [target person] player [number] [friendship or romance] add

Example: social Madison player 100 romance add

Pose for You

  • [character] pose [respective pose] [true/false]

The respective pose can be used with any number from 1 to 42, each one giving a different pose.

Example: Madison pose 30 true will have her pose like a model. Replace “true” with “false” to have them leave that pose.

Here’s a list of all poses:

  1. Hand Behind Head
  2. Doggie Style Front
  3. Cowgirl Top
  4. Cunnilingus Top
  5. Hot Tub Sit 1
  6. Hot Tub Hand Job
  7. Take Cell Photo
  8. Sixty Nine Top
  9. Selfie
  10. Missionary Top
  11. Doggie Style Behind
  12. Cowgirl Bottom
  13. Cunnilingus Bottom
  14. Sixty Nine Bottom
  15. Making Out (Primary)
  16. Making Out (Secondary)
  17. Wall Sex 1 Female
  18. Sitting on Floor
  19. Bent Over
  20. Hands Behind Back
  21. Sticking Ass Out
  22. Sitting 1
  23. Sitting 2
  24. Sitting 3
  25. Sitting 4
  26. Blowjob Action Blowjob Ready
  27. Female Lay 1
  28. Female Lay 2
  29. Female Lay 3
  30. Model Pose 1
  31. Model Pose 2
  32. Model Pose 3
  33. All Fours
  34. Missionary Bottom
  35. Sex Ready
  36. Wall Sex 1 Male
  37. Wall Sex 2 Female
  38. Wall Sex 2 Male
  39. Wall Sex 3 Female
  40. Wall Sex 3 Male
  41. Hot Tub Handjob Male
  42. Masturbate

Exhibitionism (makes the character feel comfortable naked around others)

  • [character] personality exhibitionism equals 100

Example: Ashley personality exhibitionism equals 100 will make her not cover her nudity in embarrassment with people around.

Add Item to Your Inventory

  • player inventory add [item name]
  • item [item name] warpitemto player

Example: player inventory add natty

Complete Quests

  • quest [start or complete] [“quest name”]

To see all available quests commands, use quest list [character’s name]. You can only complete quests that you have already started.

Make People Fight

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  • combat [character(s)] [passout, wakeup, or fight]

For example, to make Frank and Patrick fight, type combat Frank Patrick fight or combat all fight to have everyone present start a massive free-for-all. Putting “passout” will make that person unconscious.

Put a Character Into a Certain State

  • state [number] [add or remove] [character]

Use any of the below numbers to have that character go into that attributed state.

  • 0 – naked
  • 1 – wants to be alone
  • 2 – upset
  • 3 – happy
  • 4 – shoo others
  • 5 – don’t move for others
  • 6 – embarassed
  • 7 – angry
  • 8 – giving blow job
  • 10 – conscious
  • 11 – unconscious
  • 12 – genitals exposed
  • 14 – sex sounds
  • 15 – stay in pose after sex
  • 16 – recharge orgasm
  • 17 – standing
  • 18 – ignored
  • 19 – fight
  • 20 – dance
  • 21 – listening to music
  • 22 – dialogue
  • 23 – crouched
  • 24 – topless
  • 25 – bottomless
  • 26 – sitting
  • 27 – roam
  • 28 – socialize
  • 29 – dance
  • 30 – distract
  • 31 – immobile
  • 32 – run when close to target
  • 33 – running
  • 34 – erection
  • 35 – kneel
  • 36 – lay down
  • 37 – lay down on back
  • 38 – lay down on stomach
  • 39 – dance
  • 40 – on phone
  • 41 – idle
  • 42 – hold drink in right hand
  • 43 – hold drink in left hand
  • 44 – no fidget
  • 45 – no animating during conversation
  • 46 – falling
  • 47 – no emoting
  • 48 – no animating during emotes
  • 49 – cinematic acting
  • 50 – peeing
  • 51 – on fire
  • 52 – enabled

Example: state 51 add Frank will light Frank on fire.

Give Glasses

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  • [character] mount item glasses head true

Example: Leah mount item glasses head true

Get Yourself Drunk

  • social player drunk add [number]

Example: social player drunk add 10.

The value can be between 0 and 10 (or 100).

Lock or Unlock Doors

  • [lock or unlock] door [door name]

Example: lock door masterbedroom

Prevent Characters From Moving

  • [character] roaming false allow

Example: Frank roaming false allow

Make Characters Walk Somewhere

  • [character] walk to [location]

Example: Ashley walk to kitchen

Speed Up the Time

  • timescale [insert number between1.1 and 3]

You can speed up the time of the game with a couple of creative commands. You can insert number 2 if you want to double the speed of the game; you can use something like 0.1 or 0.2 for a slow motion mode and then return to default by entering number 1.


  • [character] warpto player or player warpto [character]

Example: Rachael warpto player moves her to you. player warpto Rachael teleports you to her.

Lock FPS

  • lockfps on
  • lockfps [number of frames zou wan]

You first need to turn the lockfps function on, and then you can issue a different command that allows you to choose the number of frames you want to have. When you’re tired of this mode, you can simply turn it off with lockfps off.

Keep in mind that locking fps can and will influence your gameplay, animations, graphics, etc. Tread lightly with this one.

Other Cheats & Console Commands

  • ChangeSize: Change the size of people or objects.
  • Crosshair: Change the design of your cursor.
  • GameMsg: Display any kind of text in the game.
  • Emote: Make the mimics of characters change.
  • Events: Trigger certain events.
  • Fade: Fade in or fade out.
  • Clear: erase console command history.

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