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All Confirmed Items And Features In The Sims 4 Infants Update

The only affordable way to have a family.
All confirmed features and items in the sims 4 infants
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The Sims is probably one of the best escapist games out there; not only can you completely change your gender and accomplish milestones, but you can also even start a Family. And by family, we mean Infants! This is exactly what The Sims 4: Growing Together has in store for you! With each update to The Sims, you could say that you are spoilt for choice. What do you choose? Should you pick one or the other? Why not have all?? There are so many new Infant items and features we don’t even know where to begin! Alas, find all the confirmed Features and Items in The Sims 4 Infants here.

The Sims 4: Infants — All new Features and Items

With the correct funds, of course, You can now have babies by mixing genetic material; these are called Science Babies. These can actually just be seen as Surrogates, as you don’t need to have a relationship with the Sim to have a baby; as long as you have a friendship with the Sim, you can request a Science Baby from them. You might be thinking, will there be a waiting period? Nope! None at all; you request the bundle of joy, and poof, you have a baby.

All confirmed Items in The Sims 4

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Infants will have clothing, hairstyles, accessories, and personality traits. There will also be new furniture, decor, and toys crafted to perfection with the Infants in mind; you can find these items in the Kid’s section within Build Mode. These will include plushies such as a Llama (which can be resized) and various types of Cribs; these can also grow with your Infant, as they can be turned into Toddler-sized beds.

As you know, infants… grow and hit milestones such as crawling and walking. However, that doesn’t mean we want them to accidentally harm themselves by doing things they’re not supposed to do. So, much like in real life, you will now be able to Baby-Proof doors and keep the young little ones out of trouble!

All confirmed Features

features sims 4 infants
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And because toddlers grow so fast (where did the time go?), in the Infants Update, they will now be able to learn skills quicker. As such, kids will now have four new Aspirations. You might be thinking, aren’t there any features for the mommy? Yes, there are! As you know, you can choose one of two ways to give birth to a child, Natural Birth, and C-Section.

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In the latest update, you can now include C-Sections scars and stretch marks. Another great feature is the ability to produce milk. To find this option, go to the Gender section of your Menu. In addition, you can also change your Infants skin tone. Do you have a birthmark? You will now be able to give your bundle of joy one too! These are specific to Infants and will fade away as the Infant grows up.

A really cool feature is that if you have different seasons, your Infant will now react to the weather conditions. In addition, children and Toddlers can directly interact with the Infant in their crib with new child-like behavior. There will also be six unique Infant traits: Cautious, Intense, Wiggly, Sunny, Sensitive, and Calm.

Dag, dag! With that, we conclude our guide on all confirmed Features and Items in The Sims 4: Infants update. If The Sims are your bread and butter, check out these other guides How To Change Your Gender in The Sims 4 or Best Sims 4 Home Builds for Growing Together Pack. Want to stay updated with all our content? Follow Gamer Journalist on Facebook and never miss a beat.

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