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All 8 Hateno Village Voter Locations in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

Time to vote for Cece!
Tears of the Kingdom
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Everyone that’s playing Tears of the Kingdom! Listen to what we have to say! There is a political scandal going around the fields of Hyrule. If you want to take part in this democratic opportunity, speak now, or forever hold your peace. There is a village called Hateno where you will need to persuade a few voters to either vote for Cece or vote for Reede. Your choice will reward you with wonders beyond your imagination. All you need to do is find those voters. Here are the eight Hateno village voter locations in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

Team Cece or Team Reede in Tears of the Kingdom

If you have made it to Hateno Village you will come across a number of characters who are taking part in the upcoming election. Head for the armor shop where you’ll see a group of people standing outside. One of those characters you meet is Cece and she’s hoping you vote for her over Reede. The quest Team Cece or Team Reede will become available once you have clicked the “undecided” option while speaking to Cece.

Cece finds this option appalling and it’s up to you to learn more about the villagers of Hateno so you can make your decision. Convincing villagers will reward you with mushrooms and towards the end you’ll be rewarded a Big Hearty Truffle. Where are these villagers? What can they tell you? This list should help you find where all the villagers are located.

1. Villager 1 – Tamana

The first villager you’re going to want to find is Tamana. She’s a simple peasant girl sweeping away her troubles and doing chores. She’s either sweeping at night or making sure her chickens are okay in the morning. You can find Tamana at the entrance of Hatena Village or near Hateno Village West Well.

2. Villager 2 – Uma

There are two places you can find Uma. Uma is a woman with white hair and peasant-looking attire. She’s found at the farm by the Hateno school during the day. If you can’t find her and it’s night time she is located near the Zanmik Shrine. Head for the Hateno Village North Well to try to find her.

3. Villager 3 – Medda

The next villager you’re going to want to find is Medda. Medda is located at Hateno Village North Well and he’s tending to his farm. You can also find him on the south side of the village as well, however, you can only find him there during night at his house.

4. Villager 4 – Leop

Finding Leop is pretty easy because he’s located right by the bulletin board near Cece’s shop. You can also find Leop at the inn minding his own business at night.

5. Villager 5 – Dantz

Dantz is a villager you can find either at the stables near the Hateno Pasture. If you’re having trouble finding him just head north east of Hateno Village. He’s wearing green overalls and has a gray beard.

6. Villager 6 – Koyin

Koyin is right next to Dantz and she’s near the docks of Hateno Pasture. You’ll be able to find both of them in the same vicinity. There’s one thing you should know about Koyin. She will be located in a different area only if you haven’t gotten your hands on a letter in a bottle from the lake. If you got this letter she will be located inside her home at the pasture.

7. Villager 7 – Tokk

Tokk is probably the most active villager on this list, even if, he’s an older man. He walks around quite a lot so finding him is going to be a bit of a challenge. He could either be at the Hateno Village Research Lab or he could be next to a cooking pot beside Hateno Pasture. If you can’t find him at either location he’s probably just out walking.

8. Villager 8 – Worden

The last villager on your list is Worden and finding him is very simple. Just head for the inn and you’ll see him on the porch. If you can’t find him there he will be inside the inn at the desk with his wife, Prima.

After you have found all of the villagers you need to speak to Cece to complete the quest. You’ll be rewared with a Hearty Big Truffle for your efforts.

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