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Adopt Me! Pet Ages and All Neon Stages

Find out all about the Adopt Me ages and Neon stages.
This article is over 2 years old and may contain outdated information

One of the benefits of playing Adopt Me! is that the adorable pets you work hard for refuse to die. Does this bring you back sentimental memories of owning a Tamagotchi and/or GigaPet? Tamagotchi’s are still being distributed online, but most of us remember the virtual pets for dying (if you forgot to feed them, let them stay sick, or let them get old). On the bright side, there is the massively popular Adopt Me! sub-game that you can play on Roblox. What are Adopt Me pet ages and all of the neon stages?

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Adopt Me! is self-gratification for your pets. There are five ranks of pets: common, uncommon, rare, ultra-rare, and legendary. Legendary pets include Dragons, Unicorns, Griffin, Ninja Monkeys, and Kitsune. Neon pets have a unique glow around certain parts of their body. 

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Adopt Me! Neon Stages

Adopt Me! pets have ages and stages, but let’s start with the stages first. Players have the ability to create neon pets in the Neon Cave, merging four fully grown pets of the same species. Each stage for regular Neon pets has a different name. 

  • Reborn – Newborn
  • Twinkle – Junior
  • Sparkle – Pre-Teen
  • Flare – Teen
  • Sunshine – Post-Teen
  • Luminous – Full Grown

Turn four fully grown pets into a Neon pet, then the age/level process starts is different. Here’s how your Neon pet will age: 

  • Reborn
  • Twinkle
  • Sparkle
  • Flare
  • Sunshine
  • Luminous
  • Mega-Neon (Full Grown)
Image via Roblox

Adopt Me! Pet Ages List

The following is the age progression for pets:

  • Newborn
  • Junior
  • Pre-Teen
  • Teen
  • Post-Teen
  • Full Grown

Complete tasks to get the pets from Newborn to Full Grown. This process makes your pet eligible for Neon making, but the color of the neon spots on your pet is out of your control. Pet rocks can’t be made into Neons, but the irony is, that there are plenty of vibrant rocks in real life. 

One of the fastest ways to level up in Adopt Me! is to create yourself a grinding room, placing an inexpensive crib, tub, feeder, and piano in one room. This allows your pet to sleep, eat, drink, and be entertained, all while avoiding a multitude of rooms to complete tasks. Also, healing your sick pet with Golden Apples from the doctor’s office and having a sandwich available each time you log in, can quicken this process. Your pets will be glowing in no time.

Adopt Me! Objectives to Complete to Age Pets

In order to obtain free pets in Adopt Me!, you can complete events, star rewards, or gain bucks and purchase eggs. Find the egg that you want and when the pet hatches, it may be half-decent. Get ready to pay money just to save time and get the exact egg you want. Your pet’s rarity ultimately determines how many tasks it will take to level up. Below is a list of the total number of objectives you must complete in order for your pet to be fully grown.

Common Pet

  • Newborn – 3 Tasks
  • Junior – 6 Tasks
  • Pre-Teen – 11 Tasks
  • Teen – 16 Tasks
  • Post-Teen – 20 Tasks
  • Full Grown – 56 Tasks
  • Neon – 224 Tasks
  • Mega-Neon – 826 Tasks

Uncommon Pet

  • Newborn – 5 Tasks
  • Junior – 9 Tasks
  • Pre-Teen – 13 Tasks
  • Teen – 18 Tasks
  • Post-Teen – 25 Tasks
  • Full Grown – 70 Tasks
  • Neon – 280 Tasks
  • Mega-Neon – 1120 Tasks

Rare Pet

  • Newborn – 10 Tasks
  • Junior – 20 Tasks
  • Pre-Teen – 30 Tasks
  • Teen – 40 Tasks
  • Post-Teen – 50 Tasks
  • Full Grown – 150
  • Neon – 600 Tasks
  • Mega-Neon – 2400

Ultra-Rare Pet

  • Newborn – 12 Tasks
  • Junior – 25 Tasks
  • Pre-Teen – 36 Tasks
  • Teen – 47 Tasks
  • Post-Teen – 58 Tasks
  • Full Grown – 78 Tasks
  • Neon – 712 Tasks
  • Mega-Neon – 2848 Tasks

Legendary Pet

  • Newborn – 13 Tasks
  • Junior – 26 Tasks
  • Pre-Teen – 38 Tasks
  • Teen – 50 Tasks
  • Post-Teen – 62 Tasks
  • Full Grown – 189 Tasks
  • Neon – 756 Tasks
  • Mega-Neon – 3024 Tasks

After having a Full Grown/Luminous pet, your pet can start magically flying, by being fed a Fly-A-Pet Potion. Here is your fair warning. The potion is permanent, so you may just be thrilled that you don’t have to use the same potion on the same pet.