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How to Get a Lemonade Stand in Adopt Me – Sell and Get Rich

Players will buy lemonade from you to quench their thirst.
Image via Roblox

Has any child ever actually opened a lemonade stand, or was that concept just something we all collectively hallucinated? Because I’ve never seen one in real life, just in cartoons and video games. Well, Roblox is nothing if not a chance to indulge in the impossible, neighborhood commerce included.

Here’s how to get a lemonade stand in Adopt Me.

How to Get a Lemonade Stand in Adopt Me – Sell and Get Rich

The Lemonade Stand is one of the mini-businesses you can run in Adopt Me in order to raise some quick cash from friends and passersby. Players will buy lemonade from you to quench their thirst tasks, provided it’s set at a reasonable price.

Where to get a Lemonade Stand in Adopt Me?

The first step is actually getting a Lemonade Stand. Unfortunately, the only succinct way to get a Lemonade Stand is to buy one from the Adopt Me shop. Technically, you can trade for a Lemonade Stand from another player if you have something they want, but the odds of finding someone willing to trade away something they paid money for aren’t great, so you’ll probably just have to suck it up and shell out.

How much does a Lemonade Stand cost in Adopt Me?

A Lemonade Stand costs 50 Robux. Good news, 50 Robux is relatively cheap. Bad news, the smallest increment of Roblox you can buy is 400, so you’ll have to slap down a minimum of five real-life dollars for this.

Manning a Lemonade Stand

Once you’ve gotten your Lemonade Stand, you can set it up anywhere you want by deploying it from your backpack, though you’d do well to set it up somewhere with a lot of foot traffic like the town center or near an ongoing event. You’ll then need to set your lemonade price between $0 and $20. The magic number is usually around $5, as most players won’t pay more than that, but feel free to experiment a little. If you set up somewhere where there aren’t any other sources of thirst-quenching nearby, you can inflate the price a smidge.

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