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Xenoblade Chronicles 3: How To Unlock The Full Metal Jaguar Class

The Full Metal Jaguar is one of the best classes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, but it's also an easy one to miss.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has a variety of character classes for the main party to unlock, and each one offers a different style of play and role within combat. One of the most powerful classes is the Full Metal Jaguar, an attacker class that revolves around devastating gun-based abilities and evasive maneuvers. But the Full Metal Jaguar can be a bit tricky to unlock, as players will need to venture a little way off the beaten path in order to find its associated Hero character.

How To Unlock The Full Metal Jaguar Class

Finding the Mystery Man

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To unlock the Full Metal Jaguar, players will need to progress the main story to Chapter 3. After unlocking the Yum-Yum Smith class, return to the Aetia Region and look for the question mark to the northeast of Kamos Guidepost in the southern section of the map. Fast travel to the Kamos Guidepost and climb the nearby hill to reach the location indicated by the question mark.  

A cutscene will trigger here that shows the party investigating a strange, mechanical device on the ground. As they’re about to pick it up, a mysterious man wearing a black mask and the attire of a Full Metal Jaguar appears and demands they hand the device over to him. When Eunie refuses, the man attacks.

After the player whittles him down to about half-health, the battle ends with another cutscene where a troop of Kevesi soldiers shows up to arrest the mysterious man who then jumps off a nearby cliff. The Kevesi soldiers then turn on the main party, triggering another battle.

Follow the Mystery Man’s Trail

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After defeating the Kevesi troops, players will need to track down the mystery man’s whereabouts by following tracks behind that periodically vanish. Follow the trajectory of the last set of footprints until they reappear to stay on the right path. The footsteps lead away from the original quest marker and along the river that runs through the middle of the Aetia Region.

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After following the tracks down the river and into a little cove, another cutscene will start where the party catches up with the mysterious man. The Kevesi soldiers also catch up, however, and this time they’ve brought a contingent of Levnis robots to try and take both the mystery man and Ouroboros down at the same time. The mystery man offers his assistance in fighting off the troops, taking over the party’s optional seventh character slot.

Get To Know Gray

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After the battle, the mystery man says he’ll let the team keep the strange device, as he knows it’ll be safer with them than in someone else’s hands. He also says the team can call on him for assistance at any time, unlocking him as an optional Hero character. Eunie asks his name before he leaves, to which he replies that they can call him Gray.

The Full Metal Jaguar

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After the quest is complete, players will unlock the Full Metal Jaguar class with Eunie as the class’s inheritor. The Full Metal Jaguar is an incredibly powerful attacker class that utilizes twin guns to dish out massive damage to enemies across a wide area. Two of its Arts, Demolition and Fatal Barrage, deal large, area-of-effect damage to any enemies in front of the Full Metal Jaguar, while the passive skill Bullet Symphony increases damage output with each successive bullet hit.

The Full Metal Jaguar is also a positional master, with bonus damage from either the front or the back depending on the Art. Its Positioning Pro passive skill even allows it to equip two different positional Arts at the same time, a skill that can be mastered and passed along to other classes.

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Eunie has S-Rank growth with the Full Metal Jaguar, while Taion is just a little behind at A-Rank. Both Noah and Sena have B-Rank growth, Mio has C-Rank, and Lanz brings up the rear with D-Rank. As with most inheritors, Eunie can utilize the Full Metal Jaguar’s abilities to their greatest extent, balancing its natural power with evasion-based skills from other classes. It also complements the Incursor class well, further compounding the amount of damage the Full Metal Jaguar can dish out.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is available now for the Nintendo Switch.

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