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XCom 2 – How to Get Plated Armor

Stop sending your soldiers out to die.
XCom 2 - How to get Plated armor, predator armor screenshot.
Image via Firaxis Games

Want to know how to get Plated Armor in XCom 2? Of course you do. Much like me, you’re sick of all your soldiers getting turned into pulp. Well, getting your hands on this armor is going to increase your mission survival rate tenfold.

I’m going to run you through how to get Plated Armor in XCom 2, and by extension, how to get Predator Armor. This one little upgrade can make or break your run – so don’t ignore it.

XCom 2: How to Get Plated Armor

XCom 2 How to Get Plated Armor research project.
Image via Firaxis Games

Plated Armor itself isn’t an item in XCom 2. It’s a research project that unlocks the Predator Armor upgrade. To get access to that research project, you’ll need to research Hybrid Materials first.

Here’s everything you’ll need to get yourself some Plated Armor in XCom 2:

  • 2 – 4 Advent Trooper CorpsesHybrid Materials research.
  • 10 – 15 Alien Alloys – Plated Armor research.
  • 150 – 300 Supplies– Predator Armor
  • 6 – 12 Advent Trooper Corpses – Predator Armor.
  • 20 – 60 Alien Alloys – Predator Armor.

The Predator Armor is expensive, but it’s more than worth it. It’s a global upgrade on your soldier’s base armor. So, once you’ve completed the upgrade, it’ll give all of your soldiers Predator Armor, permanently, even if you recruit them after the fact.

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How to Unlock the Plated Armor Research Project in XCom 2

Hybrid Materials research project complete.
Image via Firaxis Games

You’ll need to complete the Plated Armor research project before you can get access to the Predator Armor. Before you can get access to its research, though, you’ll need to research Hybrid Materials.

You’ll unlock the option to research these incredibly early on in your playthrough – so don’t worry about rushing it or anything like that.

It’ll cost you two to four Advent Troop Corpses to research Hybrid Materials, and it takes around three days for it to complete.

Once that research concludes, you’ll have access to the Plated Armor research project. At this point in the run, this particular research project is going to be quite difficult to complete. It costs 10 to 15 Alien Alloys, but more importantly – it can take upwards of 26 days to complete the research if you haven’t overly invested in your science department, so keep that in mind.

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