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WWE 2K23: Best Slider Settings

With these settings, you'll create matches that will be remembered through the annals of history.

As one of the largest entertainment organizations in the world, the WWE aims to put on great spectacles for their fans. This sentiment is resonated with the latest release of WWE 2K23. And while in reality the Wrestlers know exactly what’s going to happen in the ring, fans want to make the most realistic gameplay they can. Throughout the entirety of the WWE 2K series, players have been able to change certain aspects of the game. These aspects can change things such as specific A.I. settings, as well as window timings for the players. These can make the game feel more realistic, as if you are controlling people with actual physics and reactions behind them. So let’s step into the ring and take a look at WWE 2K23: best slider settings.

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WWE 2K23: Best Slider Settings

WWE 2K23: Best Slider Settings ring
Image via Visual Concepts/2K

The slider settings we are going to be taking a look at today will make your game feel more realistic. Meaning, your characters will feel more responsive, and the A.I. enemies you’ll be facing will be fair and balanced. Due to the amount of sliders that are available for players to change, not everyone is going to enjoy these settings. However, these sliders are the best option if you don’t have the hours to spend tweaking and fine tuning the settings yourself.

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In order to start messing with your sliders, you’ll need to open your settings, and navigate over to the balancing section. Here is where we will be doing all of our setting fixes and will tell you exactly what values you need for each specific slider. These are the best slider settings you’ll want for WWE 2K23:

  • A.I. Standing Strike Reversal Rate: 48/100
  • A.I. Standing Grapple Reversal Rate: 25/100
  • A.I. Ground Strike Reversal Rate: 35/100
  • A.I. Ground Grapple Reversal Rate: 25/100
  • A.I. Finisher Reversal Rate: 10/100
  • A.I. Foreign Object Attack Reversal Rate: 15/100
  • A.I. Grab Breaker Rate: 30/100
  • A.I. Combo Breaker Rate: 30/100
  • A.I. Combo Rate: 20/100
  • A.I. Submission Rate: 20/100
  • A.I. Dive Rate: 25/100
  • A.I. Springboard Rate: 30/100
  • A.I. Grapple Rate: 35/100
  • A.I. Strike Rate: 35/100
  • A.I. Limb Targeting Rate: 35/100
  • A.I. Running Attack Rate: 25/100
  • A.I. Block Rate: 35/100
  • A.I. Dodge Rate: 35/100
  • Entrance Run-in: 2/10
  • Mid Match Run-in: 2/10
  • Post Match Run-in: 2/10
  • Referee Down Time: 90/100
  • Basic Reversal Windows: 45/100
  • Ground Attack Reversal Windows: 65/100
  • Signature & Finisher Reversal: 35/100
  • Weapon Reversal: 50/100
  • Stamina Cost: 50/100
  • Stamina Recovery Rate: 60/100
  • Stunned Recovery Rate: 25/100
  • Rollout Frequency: 25/100
  • Rollout Duration: 25/100
  • Stun Gain: 45/100
  • Stun Duration: 65/100
  • Vitality Regen Cooldown: 50/100
  • Vitality Regen Rate: 60/100
  • AI Difficulty Damage Scaling: 35/100
  • Drag Escape Difficulty: 25/100
  • Carry Escape Difficulty: 25/100

Additionally, if players are having a hard time against the A.I. when it comes to grappling, you can head over to the advanced settings, submission mini-game, and change all of the A.I. sliders to 35/100. The rest of these settings are going to give fans the most authentic and realistic matches. You’ll be able to go the distance and throw down historical matches throughout your playtime. Of course with a few tweaks of your own, it might make these settings even better.

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