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WoW Classic Tier 3 Material Requirements by Class

WoW Classic Tier 3 Requirements by Class

Now that Naxxramas has a release date for WoW Classic, you may want to start preparing for the upcoming encounter. If you are aiming to collect your Tier 3 set as soon as possible, you’re going to need to stockpile many materials in advance. Naxxramas set-pieces are acquired by turning in tokens, similar to Zul’Gurub and Ahn’Qiraj. Each class requires either Arcane Crystals, Arcanite Bars, Cured Rugged Hides, Mooncloth, or Nexus Crystals to obtain the Tier 3 set pieces. Here’s the full list of WoW Classic Tier 3 requirements by class.

All of the required items are top-end crafting materials. It will help if you know a miner, blacksmith, leatherworker, tailor, and enchanter. Otherwise, you’ll likely want to scoop this off the Auction House as soon as possible before the prices skyrocket. For those looking to buy their way to the top, it may be getting too late, as supplies are limited. Either way, this is going to be time consuming and expensive.

Set items do not drop directly in Naxxramas. Instead, it’s a token-based system similar to ZG and AQ. You’ll need to turn in a Desecrated Token and additional materials to an NPC in Light’s Hope Chapel to obtain your pieces. Desecrated tokens share between classic, with the class grouping beings:

  • Warrior, Rogue
  • Warlock, Priest, Mage
  • Paladin, Shaman, Druid, Hunter

WoW Classic Tier 3 Material Requirements by Class

Here’s a full list of WoW Classic Tier 3 material requirements by class:

Warrior Tier 3 Requirements

  • Arcanite Bars x20
  • Nexus Crystals x4
  • Cured Rugged Hide x19

Priest Tier 3 Requirements

  • Arcane Crystals x3
  • Mooncloth x21
  • Nexus Crystals x8
  • Rugged Hide x6

Rogue Tier 3 Requirements

  • Arcanite Bars x5
  • Cured Rugged Hide x42
  • Nexus Crystals x5

Hunter Tier 3 Requirements

  • Arcanite Bars x17
  • Cured Rugged Hide x18
  • Nexus Crystals x8

Warlock Tier 3 Requirements

  • Mooncloth x21
  • Arcane Crystals x4
  • Nexus Crystals x8
  • Cured Rugged Hide x6

Druid Tier 3 Requirements

  • Arcane Crystal x1
  • Cured Rugged Hide x36
  • Mooncloth x6
  • Nexus Crystal x7

Paladin Tier 3 Requirements

  • Arcanite Bar x20
  • Cured Rugged Hide x15
  • Nexus Crystal x7

Shaman Tier 3 Requirements

  • Arcanite Bar x17
  • Cured Rugged Hide x15
  • Nexus Crystal x8

Mage Tier 3 Requirements

  • Arcane Crystal x3
  • Cured Rugged Hide x6
  • Mooncloth x21
  • Nexus Crystal x8

If you prefer to look at all this data in a single image, SomeoneNamed on Reddit put together this infographic:

Image via Reddit

How to get Tier 3 Set Pieces in Classic WoW

Here’s the bosses in Naxxramas that drop the Desecrated Tokens:

SlotBossPriest, Warlock, MagePaladin, Hunter, Shaman, DruidWarrior, Rogue
BootsInstructor Razuvious
Gothic the Harvester
Desecrated SandalsDesecrated BootsDesecrated Sabatons
BeltNorth the Plaguebringer
Heigan the Unclean
Desecrated BeltDesecrated GirgleDesecrated Waistguard
GlovesMaexxnaDesecrated GlovesDesecrated HandguardsDesecrated Gauntlets
HelmLoathebDesecrated CircletDesecrated HeadpieceDesecrated Helmet
LegsLoathebDesecrated LeggingsDesecrated LegguardsDesecrated Legplates
Desecrated ShoulderpadsDesecrated SpauldersDesecrated Pauldrons
ChestFour HorsemenDesecrated RobeDesecrated TunicDesecrated Breastplate
BracersGrand Widow Faerlina
Desecrated BindingsDesecrated WristguardsDesecrated Bracers

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