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How to complete Shell Corporation World Quest in WoW Dragonflight

Those pesky snails and campers need to go.
WoW Dragonflight
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When new expansions and updates are released in MMORPG-styled games it means there are new quests, new areas to explore, and updates on abilities. The 10.1 patch introduced a new quest known as Shell Corporation which is a world quest in Dragonflight. The purpose of this new quest is for players to explore Zaralek Cavern. If you’re someone who loves to complete quests and you’re trying to figure out how to beat Shell Corporation, here’s what you need to do.

Shell Corporation Guide in WoW Dragonflight

Shell Corporation is a new quest that allows you to explore Zaralek Cavern. The quest is easy to complete and the purpose of it is to learn about the new zone. You can find this quest located southeast of your map. You will need to locate eight shells by finding Succulent Looking Deepcaps in the area. Once you find them, just pick up the Snail Stuffing item.

After you have picked up Snail Stuffing there will be snails that are indicated by being highlighted in yellow in the area. Use the Snail Stuffing on them and they will drop a shell. You need to find eight snails in order to complete the quest. After you have finished getting all eight shells you will be rewarded with reputation points for completing the world quest.

Tips to Complete Shell Corporation in WoW Dragonflight

This is an easy quest to finish since it doesn’t involve killing and only focuses on using an item on a snail to get a shell. The only downside to this quest is the players that have decided to camp to hoard shells for their friends. If you want to avoid this scenario you need to find a world that doesn’t have lots of players in the area. If you are in a world that has too many people logged into the game, try logging in and out and spawn in a world that has less population. Other than that, the quest is easy to get through.

You can only unlock world quests after you have maxed your level on your character. These quests will be available for a limited time and will reset for 3.5 days. You will get world quests two times a week, so once they’re available, start them as soon as you can for additional rewards. You could earn gear, extra reputation points, or currency.

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