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Best Rogue Race in Dragonflight

In our opinion the best rogue race is..
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There’s something about the rogue class in World of Warcraft that we personally love playing. Skills that focus on stealth so we can make a quick exit from enemies has always appealed to us. It’s probably one of the reasons why we would never pick a tank class. The idea of running straight forward into battle sounds terrifying. If you’re someone who focuses on tactics versus complete strength you’re going to enjoy playing as a rogue. In our opinion, this is the best rogue race you need to get your hands on in Dragonflight.

What is the best Rogue Race in Dragonflight?

If you’re looking into getting a new character to play Dragonflight or you’re bored with the current race you have and need a change, why not go the rogue route? Rogues use energy for their abilities and there are numerous ways you can use them based on their specs. For example, you could have a rogue that focuses on assassinations where you wield a dagger to make swift attacks. With the new updates on Dragonflight rogue got a tune-up on their talent tree.

Your skills such as ambush get an additional 20% damage, as well as, skills like rupture are increased by 35%. Various other skills were upgraded as well so choosing rogue gets revamped skills. Due to all of these changes, we have come to the conclusion that the best rogue race in Dragonflight would have to be a blood elf. This is because they are great in a PvE setting, look great, and you can vanish from enemies effortlessly.

What is the best Assassination Rogue Race in Dragonflight?

We talked about how the talent tree got an upgrade when it came to rogues. We also discussed how if you’re a rogue you can choose the path your rogue can follow. If you’re wanting to go down an assassination role you should probably look into Orc if you’re on the side of the Horde or Night Elf if you’re part of the Alliance.

Night Elf is the best race you can choose for your rogue class. The reason for them being elite is because of their Shadowmeld ability. Shadowmeld is similar to Vanish, however, it provides boosts towards your defense. You will also be able to use abilities such as Garrote and Master Assassin if you want to deal tons of critical damage. As for the Orc, even though their Hardiness skill got nerfed and isn’t as effective as it was before, it still is a solid choice since Horde doesn’t get many characters to choose from.

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