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Darkmoon Faire Buffs Classic WoW

You can buy some goods on the Darkmoon Faire.
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The Darkmoon Faire is a place in Classic WoW that can grant you some nice buffs. The Fortune Teller, or Sayge, at the Darkmoon Faire, grants two-hour buffs for players who wish to answer a couple of questions.

The buffs can be determined based on the order in which you answer the questions. There are also buffs you can get from Darkmoon Faire rides. You can find a list of all possible buffs below, with the answers you must give to receive said buff. Each Sayge buff lasts two hours, and you may request a new one from the Fortune Teller by re-answering the questions after four hours of logged time.

Darkmoon Faire Buffs Classic WoW

The Darkmoon Faire is located on the Darkmoon Island. You can teleport to the Darkmoon Island when the Faire is operating. Darkmoon Faire has several ways to buff your character. The biggest source of buffs is Sayge, but you can have some really handy upgrades with the Darkmoon Faire rides.

Sayge Buffs

Head over to the Darkmoon Faire and find Sayge, who looks like a fortune-teller. Speak to Sayge, and you will be asked a series of questions. How you answer the questions will determine the buff you receive. See below for which answers give you which buff.

Darkmoon Faire Buffs Classic WoW Sayge Fortune

Sayge’s Dark Fortune of Agility

  • + 10% Agility
  • Answer 1: (3) Confiscate the corn
  • Answer 2: (3) Keep your brother out without letting him know

Sayge’s Dark Fortune of Intelligence

  • + 10% Intelligence
  • Answer 1: (2) Turn him over to the liege
  • Answer 2: (2) Show not-so-quiet defiance

Sayge’s Dark Fortune of Spirit

  • + 10% Spirit
  • Answer 1: (2) Turn him over to the liege
  • Answer 2: (1) Confront the diplomat

Sayge’s Dark Fortune of Stamina

  • + 10% Stamina
  • Answer 1: (3) Confiscate the corn
  • Answer 2: (1) Speak against your brother openly

Sayge’s Dark Fortune of Strength

  • + 10% Strength
  • Answer 1: (3) Confiscate the corn
  • Answer 2: (2) Help your brother in

Sayge’s Dark Fortune of Armor

  • + 10% Armor
  • Answer 1: (1) Slay the Man
  • Answer 2: (3) Let your friend go

Sayge’s Dark Fortune of Resistance

  • + 25 All Resistances
  • Answer 1: (1) Slay the Man
  • Answer 2: (2) Execute your friend painlessly

Sayge’s Dark Fortune of Damage

  • + 10% Damage
  • Answer 1: (1) Slay the Man
  • Answer 2: (1) Execute your friend painfully

WHEE! Buff

After you enter the Faire, just go a few dozen yards on the right. There, you will find the Darkmoon Carousel and the Darkmoon Rollercoaster. Both of them will give you WHEE! buff after you ride them for 30 seconds. This buff will give you + 10% on your experience and reputation gains for one hour. Just be aware if you die during that one hour, those buffs will not persist. The good thing is, WHEE! stacks with other experience and reputation buffs.

If you want to ride the carousel and roller coaster, you will need a Darkmoon Ride Ticket. You can find those tickets if you look in the Ride Ticket Book. You can buy that book from the NPC at the Darkmoon Faire’s entrance. You can obtain a similar buff if you consume a Darkmoon Top Hat. You can buy the hat from Gelvas Grimegate for 10 Darkmoon Ride Tickets.

Check out the Darkmoon Faire Schedule for Classic WoW if you want to know when the Faire will be coming back to town.

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