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WoW Classic Ahn’Qiraj War Efforts

While Ahn’Qiraj has no official release date yet for WoW Classic, it’s never too early to start gathering some war supplies in preparation for the big event. Gathering and turning in supplies will be a necessary step to open the gates of Ahn’Qiraj.

This was always one of the largest cross-faction events in World of Warcraft history. Both Alliance and Horde must collect War Supplies and turn them into the War Effort Bases located in Ironforge’s Military Ward for Alliance and Orgrimmar’s Valley of Spirits for Horde.

WoW Classic Ahn’Qiraj War Efforts

Each supply turn-in gives an Ahn’Qiraj War Effort Supply crate that contains a green item that matches the level of the items you turned in along with some Commendation Signets. Signets can be turned in for reputation in the capital city of your choosing.

Each faction has a set amount of supplies they must gather and turn in, along with a shared set of supplies to gather.

Alliance and Horde War Effort Supplies

  • Copper Bars x 90,000
  • Purple Lotus x 26,000
  • Thick Leather x 80,000
  • Spotted Yellowtail x 17,000
  • Runecloth Bandage x 400,000

Alliance War Effort Supplies

  • Light Leather x 180,000
  • Linen Bandage x 800,000
  • Medium Leather x 110,000
  • Stranglekelp x 33,000
  • Rainbow Fin Albacore x 14,000
  • Iron Bar x 28,000
  • Roast Raptor x 20,000
  • Silk Bandage x 600,000
  • Thorium Bar x 24,000
  • Arthas’ Tears x 20,000

Horde War Effort Supplies

  • Peacebloom x 96,000
  • Lean Wolf Steak x 10,000
  • Tin Bar x 22,000
  • Wool Bandage x 250,000
  • Firebloom x 19,000
  • Heavy Leather x 60,000
  • Mithril Bar x 18,000
  • Mageweave Bandage x 250,000
  • Rugged Leather x 60,000
  • Baked Salmon x 10,000
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