Shadowlands: Should you pick Phalynx or Larion in Pride or Unit?
Image via Blizzard/World of Warcraft

Pride or Unit is one of the Shadowlands quests in Bastion, where you’ll have to choose between two options: Phalynx or Larion. You are probably wondering if there’s a correct choice and what happens when you make a decision. You’ll have to meet up with Pelodis and Nemea, the Ascended kyrians in Bastion, and then pick a side. The two are arguing about whether the Larion or the Phalynx is better. So, should you pick Phalynx or Larion in Pride or Unit?

The Pride or Unit quest is the final part of a larger side story called the Sojourner of Bastion. Other quests in this chain include In Agthia’s Memory, Wings of Freedom, In the Garden of Respite, and The Spear of Kalliope. 

Shadowlands: Should you pick Phalynx or Larion in Pride or Unit?

The Phalynx or Larion decision may potentially influence mount choices down the line, but this remains unknown. At this time, there are no follow up quests that are affected by this one. Considering only the Larion can fly, it seems like most people would go with Nemea. However, it could be possible both mounts will be able to fly at a future date if this is indeed the case. 

Another possibility is that your choice may influence dailies at a future date. Nemea says, “Return soon. There is plenty of bonding to be done.” Again, this is purely a guess at what could happen, and nobody knows for sure. 

You can simply make your selection based on whichever you think looks better. The Phalynx is a mechanical lynx found around Bastion. The Larions are lion creatures that are native to Shadowlands.

There is one thing we noticed: choosing Nemea allows you to purchase Larion Treats. You can use these treats to make a tamed Larion fly around with you as a pet for ten minutes. It can help you out in combat but don’t expect much because it’s not very powerful. Choosing Pelodis, the Phalynx, lets you select Gatamatos to be your guardian for a few minutes. Aside from this, not much else is known about the outcome of your decision.

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