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Wolcen Pistol Ranger Build

Wolcen has been officially released and, as with all action RPGs, it’s time to line up some good builds. The first build we want to talk about is the Pistol Ranger build.

Wolcen Pistol Ranger Build

This build is a hybrid between a spell caster and a ranger. It’s a highly mobile build capable of clearing areas extremely fast.


For this build, we will want to run a Pistol and a Catalyst so that we can use skills requiring pistols as well as spells.

Any type of equipment that says ‘Rogue‘ on it will be good for this build. Focus on movement speed stats so you can move around as quickly as possible and dodge attacks easier. Focus on damage as well by looking for stats like Crit Chance, Crit Damage, Attack Speed, and Damage to Attacks.


You can only get skills from drops and through the merchant in town, so you’ll have to work with what you have available for a while. You can read more about Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem skills here.

Start with the ranged archetype to gain access to the starter bow and Stings of Krearion skills. Eventually, you can use Deathgazer Railgun as a primary attack skill. You can only get skills from drops and through the merchant in town, so you’ll have to work with what you have available for a while.

Deathgazer Railgun is an attack where the longer you charge it, the more powerful it becomes. You can either spam this skill in the lowest power or charge it up to deal a bunch of damage in a big area. Good modifiers on the railgun are:

  • Aether Piercing Ammunition
  • Fragmented Rounds
  • Slow Learner
  • One Simple Shot
  • Ranged Superiority

Phantom Blades is a skill you can use for free damage, as it takes no Rage to use. This is another great AoE skill you can use.

  • Immobilizing Bola
  • Thick Edges
  • Butterfly’s Eye

Livor Mortis is a skill that takes willpower. This skill summons a giant poison golem who can generate threat. The skill also serves as a way for us to generate rage from willpower.

  • Generational Grief
  • Sacrifice

Aether Jump will be the mobility skill that allows us to move around quickly. It’s useful during boss fights as well to dodge and evade deadly blows. Leveling this up will eventually unlock March of the Time Devourers skill modifier that allows the skill to be cast multiple times at an increased cost. Light-bringer is the alternative mobility skill you can use on this build. Good modifiers for Aether jump are:

  • March of the Time Devourers
  • Veil of Illusion
  • Continuum Expertise
  • Fragments of Aether

‘Avenger’ Autoturret will be a skill that gives this build a massive DPS build. It requires unlocking the level 17 modifier Flak Launcher that allows the turret to auto-rotate and lock on to enemies. This means you can move around and not get hit while the turret does all the damage. Good modifiers on the Autoturret are:

  • Flak Launcher
  • Sleepless Sentry
  • Precision Bullets

Gate of Fates

Start off in the Sentinel sector and go for Backline Raider, then progress into the Ranger section and go for Archion’s Teachings. From there, move into the final wheel in the Alastor sector. Go for Sparking Dart and then Bullseye. After that, you can head over to the Warmonger tree and get Feast for the Crows for the global life leech.

Keep in mind you can select anything you want here, and it is what will make the build your own. Pick whatever suits your playstyle, the above is just a recommended build that worked well in the past.

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