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Wolcen Unique Item List

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem contains several different rarity tiers of loot. The loot tiers currently in the game are common, magic, rare, legendary, and unique. We’ve compiled a list of all the Wolcen uniques out there that we have come across for your convenience.

Wolcen Unique Item List

Below you’ll find a written list of all uniques along with some images so you can get an idea of the item attributes. This list may be missing a few, so if you come across any you can feel free to contact us and we’ll add it in. We are trying to make a centralized area to reference them all.

Wolcen Unique Accessories

  • High Potency Neural Cord
  • Maelstrom
  • O’Maley’s Lucky Belt
  • Sagarnaris
  • Seal of the Arbiter
  • Seven Sisters’ Pact
  • Third
  • Three Crowns Brooch
  • Paradox
  • The Trial
  • Lex Filianis
  • Searing Reverie
  • Shadowcall

Wolcen Unique Weapons

  • 7th Purifiers’ Legion Archive
  • Chrono Cell
  • Edgy
  • Edict
  • Ency’s Denial
  • Ivakin’s Obsession
  • Quintet of Sundowns
  • Soul’s Bane
  • The Apex
  • Vanity’s Plea
  • Vulcain Steel Sword
  • Zapstick
  • Zephyron, Herald of Change
  • Goremaker, Shard of the Red Mountain
  • Legacy of the Willbreaker
  • Abolition Act
  • Regicide Mark III
  • Rigard’s Hope
  • Prototype Deliverance V2
  • Driftwood Miracle
  • Shimmering Shadows
  • Sea Tamer
  • Shaham-Shahar
  • The Macksfesten Enneract
  • Dominion

Wolcen Unique Armor

  • Autarchic Secret
  • Frostweave Qullittuq
  • James’s Tall Tale
  • Morbid Retribution
  • Purifier’s Statement
  • The Figurehead
  • Feast of Cankers
  • Veiled Eclipse
  • Genesis
  • Argand’s Hearth
  • Odelia’s March
  • Agony
  • Bio-Flow Symbiosis
  • Beauty Eternal
  • Hakeresh Shelya’ar
  • Mournfall Treads
  • Gaalnazek
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