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How to Get Skills in Wolcen

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem has been released on Steam this week, and despite some major downtime on release day, players have been loving it. This guide will help you understand one of the basics: Skills.

How to Get Skills in Wolcen

You can get skills in two ways in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem. One way is in town from the Merchant Demetra. She will have a rotating stock of different skills you can purchase. The stock refreshes every so often so you can check back occasionally and find new skills for purchase.

Demetra can be found towards the right side of the center of town, as shown in the image above. Again, her stock replenishes and changes over time so you’ll have to work with what she has available at any given time. You can also level up your skills at Demetra, but skills will also level up naturally as you play the game.

The other way to get skills is through finding tomes out in the world. These drop like any other item would, and you can simply right-click them in your inventory to learn the skill. Skills require certain weapons to activate, so be sure to read through them. This Deathgazer Railgun skill, for instance, requires you to use either bows or pistols. Any type of spell will require either a staff or a catalyst.

As skills level up, you can gain modifiers to each skill. The higher the level the more modifiers that are available. You are limited to the number of different modifiers you can have on at any one skill at a time.

You can allocate five different spells to your hot bar, and eventually, you can unlock another skill later in the game. A good rule of thumb is to have one primary attack for area damage, one skill for single target damage, and more situational skills like buffs, debuffs, crowd control, mobility, etc. Make sure each skill you incorporate into your build serves a purpose.

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