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Who is the Protagonist in Sons of the Forest? Answered

Who's Behind the Camera?
Sons of the Forest
Image via Endnight Games

In 2018’s The Forest, developed by Endnight Games, players stepped into the shoes of Eric LeBlanc as he sought to rescue his missing son, Timmy. It was a survival horror experience that pitted LeBlanc against groups of carnivorous cannibals, in addition to the environment itself. Players were sure as to who they were playing and what their motivation was in The Forest, but it’s a whole other story in its sequel.

With the release of its sequel, Sons of the Forest, fans are more than marginally confused as to who they’re actually playing this time around. We can be sure from context clues and suppositions that it’s not Eric LeBlanc, but then, who could it possibly be? Keep on reading if you’d like to find out who the protagonist is in Sons of the Forest!

Who is the Protagonist in Sons of the Forest?

The identity of the protagonist in Sons of the Forest is still largely unknown, but we do know a bit about him from the context clues and hints that the game likes to sprinkle in here and there. Here’s everything the game has told us about the protagonist so far:

  • The protagonist appears to be an adult male.
  • He has a “Fight Demons” tattoo on his inner right wrist.
  • He is an elite soldier who has been tasked with locating a billionaire family that’s gone missing.
    • The family consists of a husband, wife, and daughter.
    • At the time of the crash, they had been missing for a total of 31 weeks.
  • He appears to be caucasian with brown hair and brown eyes.

Out of all the information that the game gives us about its protagonist, his name is nowhere to be found. It’s odd that the developers would choose to make Sons of the Forest’s protagonist nameless, considering there was so much story involved with the last game’s protagonist, Eric LeBlanc.

Although we definitely know that the protagonist in Sons of the Forest is not Eric LeBlanc, it’s been heavily speculated that it could be his son, Timmy LeBlanc.

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sons of the forest cannibal head
Image via Endnight Games/Newnight

Is Timmy LeBlanc the Protagonist in Sons of the Forest?

It has been speculated that the adult male you play as in Sons of the Forest is actually the grown-up version of Timmy from The Forest.

Although this has actually been definitively disproven, it would have explained the title, which was specifically made to be “Sons of the Forest” rather than “The Forest 2” or something. It also would have perfectly explained the “Fight Demons” tattoo on his inner wrist, given his past of going up against otherworldly horrors.

Despite the fact that it would have made perfect sense to play as Timmy in The Forest’s sequel, that’s simply not the case. You don’t play as Timmy LeBlanc in Sons of the Forest, but he is still in the game!

In one of the underground bunkers in Sons of the Forest, players have the chance to encounter Eric Leblanc and his son, Timmy, fighting against a Sluggy. Players are able to freely interact with these two characters and may even be able to add Eric as a companion in a future update!

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