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Who is The Mutant Girl in Sons of The Forest? Explained

This guide will answer who the mutant girl in sons of the forest
Image via Endnight Games

Sons of the Forest has had a lot of horror and an intense quest for survival since its release last month; it would make for an excellent film besides a game, wouldn’t it? One exciting character noted is a mutant girl who shows up out of nowhere wearing a bathing suit. If you are familiar with the game, you have already noticed that she has three arms and three legs, which means she’s a mutant.

If things go smoothly in your encounter with the Mutant girl, she could be on your side. It is not overzealous to say you would be lucky to have her as your ally in this game. Don’t worry; you don’t need the X-Men, by the way. Read on below to find out who the Mutant girl is and how to become friends with her.

Who is the Mutant Girl in Sons of the Forest?

Image via Endnight Games

The mutant girl in the game is Virginia Puffton, a 20-year-old woman who’s the daughter of Edward and Barbara Puffton, and as said above, she has three arms and three legs. When you meet her, she is wearing a white swimsuit, but you can give her other outfits you find in the game. She has been marked as a missing person, and as soon as you arrive on the island, you will encounter Virginia running or walking around the island.

It is not known if she had her peculiar appearance existed before she arrived on the island or not, but it is well known that Edward doted on her and left her estate in his will. Virginia doesn’t have toes, and her feet are shaped like ballet slippers. That fact could probably explain why she has a strong affection for ballet.

You can find a VIP keycard with Virginia’s name on it and a photograph that could give you access to underground bunkers on the island. One thing to note is that Virginia can use the Pistol and Shotgun, which makes her a very potent character. Do you want to know how to form a friendship with Virginia? Read below to find out.

How to be Friends With Virginia

Although she is hostile or harsh to anyone, you must remember that she keeps her distance and watches you closely. Be careful when you approach her because she will most likely react in fear and run away from you; it will take time for her to trust you. The steps to befriending Virginia are as follows:

  • First, be patient; it may take some time before she approaches you, so don’t throw in the towel.
  • When Virginia approaches you, press the ‘G’ button to put your weapons away because she will be scared and keep her distance. If you are calm with Virginia, you will avoid scaring her off so easily in the game.
  • One way to know if Virginia is becoming your friend is if she gives you some gifts- that could be an animal she hunted down or berries. When Virginia starts to trust you, make it a huge priority to keep her safe and protect her from harm. She is scared of other mutants and cannibals, so make sure you gear up and keep them away from her.
  • Keep in mind that if Virginia dies, there is no way to bring her back from the dead, so the best thing to do is to keep her close.

Well, that is it, folks, you now know who Virginia Puffton is in the island world in Sons of the Forest. Having her as an ally can be great for you because she can be of good company to you and has some weapons experience. I promise you that having Virginia on your side will make you feel less alone and more immersed in the gameplay.

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