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Who is Rat in Destiny 2?

Who is Eris referring to when she calls someone Rat?
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As the Season of the Haunted continues in Destiny 2, players have been given a bit of mystery through a lore drop. If you are asking yourself who Rat is in Destiny 2, then you have come to the right place. While we can’t say with total certainty that we know who it is, we have a few pieces of evidence that should help you out.

Who is Rat in Destiny 2?

Players who keep up to date with the messages left on the console in the H.E.L.M will be aware that a secret message appears from Eris Morn. In the message, she talks about her struggles to find peace and how helping others would eventually give her the strength to overcome her ordeals. She also tells someone, “You told me to live my life. There is more truth in you than either of us would care to admit.”

The reason we feel the above quote is so important is that one character has consistently told everyone else to worry less about what they think the Traveller and others want from them. To worry a bit more about themselves and to take less joy from self-sacrifice and more from self-exploration.

Now, we believe that Rat is actually the Drifter. Eris has referred to him as Rat before, at the end of the Prophecy Dungeon. On top of that, Saint 14 has also referred to Drifter as “that sad lonely rat-man who lives downstairs.”

On top of that, Eris Morn tells whomever the message is for to meet her at the Lunar pyramid. We know that she and Drifter have been investigating the Pyramids together since the Season of Arrivals. This gives us reason to believe that they are once again about to team up for some form of mischief.

We more than likely don’t have long to wait to find out the true identity of Rat, but we feel there is enough evidence that it is Drifter to be pretty happy with our prediction.

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