Who Is Lisa in Phasmaphobia?

Phasmaphobia's ghosts haunt our dreams!
This game makes us scream like children.
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So just who is Lisa in Phasmaphobia? Well, she’s a ghost, of course. But she is not just any ghost. It’s a bit of a weird story, actually, so bear with us. As you know, Phasmaphobia is a ghost-hunting, online, co op game that came out in 2020 and blew up on Twitch. The relatively simple gameplay (at first) paired up with the freaky ghost designs make for some great gaming moments. And though there are some ghosts that stand out, Lisa’s reason for getting popular among players is because she is a special kind of insane, and has a very special relationship with one streamer.

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We told you this gets weird.

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Who Is Lisa in Phasmaphobia?

Lisa is a ghost in this game. We’ve made that quite clear. She is (obviously) randomized, and not encountered too frequently. Well, one streamer named Insym runs into her a lot. And when we say she is a crazy ghost, we mean it. Hunts out of no where, a million events and doing weird ghost behavior. And when homeboy runs into her, funny things transpire. It’s just become a running joke among fans. When Lisa shows up, stuff’s about to get cray-cray.

So now you know who Lisa is in Phasmaphobia. She is a streamer’s online ghost girlfriend and running joke. And now when other players run into her, they are having the same kind of insane interactions. Basically, Lisa haunts are becoming highly sought after in this game. They have become their own meme. Thusly, so has Lisa.

But she is clearly committed to Insym, and we fellow ghost hunters need to respect that dynamic. True love knows no boundaries and is said to defy death itself.

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