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Prestige Badges in Phasmophobia Explained

A good way to make players keep playing
New TV Mod Phasmophobia
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Before the major overhaul, Phasmophobia didn’t have much encouragement for progression. Solving your cases would earn you cash that you could invest in new gear. Except for that, there wasn’t any element that would amp your dedication to hunting for the paranormal. The big overhaul brought a lot of incentives, including Prestige badges.

The Prestige system is a good way to bring people back to the game because it gives players some new ways to go through the ranks. Also, the Prestige system offers some new unique rewards. Gaining experience points in Phasmophobia isn’t that tough, but as you advance, the experience does become more repetitive. You can get experience points (XP) by fulfilling tasks and contracts throughout the game.

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How Do Prestige Badges Work in Phasmaphobia?

Prestige System

Solving the harder cases and advancing through the ranks will give you more XP and level you up. You will be able to Prestige after you reach level 100 or higher. It works similarly to how it did in Call of Duty, where you had to start the process of building everything back up from scratch when your level and equipment were reset to zero. You do, however, get certain benefits from doing so.

You’ll receive exclusive patterns, backgrounds, and icons for the ID card of your character. You can Prestige up to 20 times, and you can only unlock a maximum of 10 additional patterns. Every time you Prestige, you will obtain more complex cosmetics. Nothing too fancy, but enough for bragging rights to other Spook Catchers.

Prestige Badges

Every time you do a Prestige, you’ll be able to obtain badges. These are cosmetically upgraded badges that demonstrate your commitment to the game and are fully customizable. The colors, backgrounds, and accents of badges will vary. The badge you will wear on your shoulder displays your level and selected cosmetics. Each badge is shown on your ID as a reward for your progress in the game.

Leveling Up

Contracts are paranormal investigations you’ll be conducting. Depending on the contract, you could be exploring a suburban house haunted by a ghoul, an abandoned asylum at night, or an evening spent pursuing a ghost through the dimly lit prison cells nearby. You will receive Experience Points for correctly locating the resident spook and finishing other side missions.

If you successfully finish your investigation, you’ll get your amount of XP. However, if you fail, you’ll get exactly zero points. The good idea is to be very detailed in your investigation. Don’t close your investigation of a haunted site if you aren’t sure you found the right paranormal entity. Every XP counts, and you will not get a lot of it at the beginning, but as you advance, you’ll gain access to better gear and better locations.

Prestige badges in Phasmophobia are badges of honor for tackling the game in its most challenging way. There is a certain level of achievement that comes with being able to go through the game all over again in John Carter mode (without any equipment). For more related content, check out our articles about how to level up quickly in Phasmophobia or how to earn money quickly in Phasmophobia.

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