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Best Ignis Wraith Build Warframe 2022

Ignis Wraith burns it to the ground!

Do you want to know the best Ignis Wraith build for Warframe in 2022? Warframe is a free-to-play action role-playing third-person shooter multiplayer online game developed and published by Digital Extremes. First released in March 2013 and still very much going strong. Support for cross-platform play and cross-save, as well as ports to mobile devices, are planned for 2022. The game is in a long-term state of open beta as of now, with no immediate plans to go fully live. But it is one of the more beloved free-to-play games out there and has a huge player base.

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“In Warframe you play as a Tenno, a surviving race of beings and the only ones who can use the incredible Warframes. Your role is to try and take back the solar system from the horrific beings that inhabit it. No small task for sure.” The game is frantic and fun, with it’s weapons taking center stage. Now we will discuss the Ignis Wraith and the very best current build for it.

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The Best Ignis Wraith Build for Warhammer 2022

The Wraith is a flamethrower that can be altered to fire different elements other than just heat. What’s more, the Wraith is the most deadly of the Ignis weapons. It was a variant that was initially released as a limited event, but now can be found throughout the game.

It does massive damage among all enemy types, and makes you even deadlier. The Ignis is a Grineer-designed flamethrower created to specifically tackle the infested hordes. It has improved critical chance, status chance, and magazine size and might just be our new favorite weapon in-game. These are the mods you will need to get the most out of this weapon:

  • Hammer Shot: Increases critical damage and status chance.
  • Heavy Caliber: +165% damage and -55% accuracy.
  • Malignant Force: +60% toxin damage and status chance.
  • Rime Rounds: +60% cold damage and status chance.
  • Sinister Reach: Increases beam length.
  • Split Chamber: +90% multi-shot damage.
  • Vital Sense: +120% critical hit damage.

Furthermore, the Ignis Wraith requires some legwork to build up properly, and this build requires four Forma to fit all these expensive mods. This weapon can be earned via trade with other players or by joining a level ten clan and purchasing the blueprint from the Chem Lab. Baro Ki’Teer will offer this weapon for 250,000 credits and 550 Ducats. The Veil Proxima Railjack missions can also drop this weapon, but the drop chances are pretty low. But between all those methods, you will probably find some luck.

Lastly, it does take some familiarity with Warframe, but trust us when we say this weapon will make you almost unstoppable. It’s worth the work.

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