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Who is Cassie in FNAF: Security Breach Ruin DLC?

A new protagonist to keep an eye out for

The world of Five Nights at Freddy’s is vast and complex, with so many theories out in the world in an attempt to make sense of the horrifying blood strained trail left behind by the hostile animatronics. Questions are often left unanswered where fans hope that the newest installment addresses what was left unsaid by the previous releases. What began as the infamous bite of 87′ has now become a question to just how far William Afton has gone to become immortal through his child-killing, robotic creations. The latest FNAF game however places its viewers directly through a child’s eyes where Gregory faces the animatronics but not as we previously knew them, with characters such as Bonnie and Foxy completely out of the picture. Now with the Security Breach DLC – Ruin, who is our new protagonist, Cassie and what does she have to do with the story of FNAF? This is Vincent’s take on it.

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WARNING: Spoilers throughout.

What We Know About Gregory in FNAF Lore

The story of Security Breach follows Gregory, a young boy who stays behind in the Freddy Fazbear’s Mega Pizzaplex, thus getting trapped once night falls. His job is to survive the night with the trusty Freddy (this time around) and try to evade all kinds of danger from the new Roxanne Wolf, Monty Gator, Daycare Attendant, Music Man and many more. The story focussed on bringing the FNAF franchise to life with its free-roaming gameplay, whilst providing new lore that followed on from FNAF VR: Help Wanted more so than the previous installments in the franchise. Although fans of this game have made their connections/ theories on specific antagonists and identities, other times these are revealed as canon such as Circus Baby as Elizabeth (William Afton’s daughter), Marionette as Charlie Emily (Henri Emily’s daughter) and William Afton as Springtrap.

Although it is suggested that William Afton is behind it all, his charred corpse cannot really be used in a court hearing. Because of this, the shift to virtual reality and the virus spreading across the Glamrock staff and animatronics can be explained by the Mimic who is revealed to be the true antagonist of the entire DLC for Security Breach. Since the VR: Help Wanted game, the FNAF franchise has gone all-in on with the introduction to the Vanny mask that connects Cassie’s neuron synapses to the security system of the Pizzeria, you can safely assume that the result of overusing this mask would lead to a new Vanny. But the question is asked of who specifically Cassie is in the Ruin DLC? As it is revealed that Cassie is Gregory’s friend who is lured into the Pizzeria none other than by Gregory himself, we know that something is already not quite right.

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Who is Cassie in FNAF Ruin?

Cassie acts as a placeholder for Gregory as we know that he made it out of the Pizzaplex alive with the help of Glamrock Freddy. Because of this, Cassie is roped into being the protagonist for the Ruin DLC, lured by the voice of Gregory in a bid to free his true identity of the Mimic (created by Edwin Murray to please his son David). When comparing the identity of Cassie to the rest of the FNAF story there is nothing particularly special or twisted about her history. Instead, she acts as a new victim to the animatronics but instead of William Afton’s doing, it is all the result of the Mimic, much like the story of Sister Location. Cassie in this case is just an innocent, naïve child who went out of her way to help her friend. But after years since the events of Security Breach as the Pizzaplex is left to absolute ruin, how has no one seen or heard from Gregory since?

From what we know of the story in the Ruin DLC which is in place to complete the Security Breach narrative and the inevitable switch to a more technological, virtual reality based nightmare, rather than the “living and breathing” animatronics we all know and love. Both Gregory and Cassie act as the newest protagonists to the FNAF lore but neither becoming a new victim to the animatronics’ bite. Although Cassie appears to fall further into the Pizzaplex for the canon ending, her fate is left unknown but with Roxy calling her voice, we can imagine that this is not the end of Cassie’s story. The DLC appears to be setting up the story of Help Wanted 2 perfectly in that the antagonist of the Mimic is centred at the forefront with the return of Circus Baby.

We hope you enjoyed this read and found that it answered any questions you may have had when getting into the FNAF: Security Breach – Ruin DLC. For more on the latest video game and content released, be sure to see all GJ guides here.

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