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When Does FNAF: Security Breach Ruin Take Place?

Making sense of the timeline

With the release of the Ruin DLC for FNAF: Security Breach, a lot of questions may have been answered towards the main questions the fanbase had on Security Breach. Whilst a lot is still left unclear, it was not down to Security Breach to clear these conspiracies and theories. A lot of content that is uncovered through the Ruin DLC has previously been revealed through stories and comics that confirm the antagonistic ways of The Mimic and how it has been the primary villain of the FNAF series for a long time. As technology evolved, so too did the animatronics and one particular animatronic thrived off the defeat of William Afton and the fall of fellow mascots that were previously loved by children. But just how long has passed since the events of Security Breach and the original bite of 83′? This is Vincent’s take on it.

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Whilst there is no direct confirmation for the year in which the DLC is set, we can put in a rough estimate for players that are curious about this part of the lore. As FNAF has created some of the best lore for an indie game turned AAA, it keeps itself fandom on its toes at all times with brand new characters, animatronics and links to each game, mini-game and evolutions in its gameplay that there is always so much to both satisfy or leave their viewers completely clueless. With the history of FNAF being incredibly long as it already is, we have already approached the point that the story has outwritten our present day. With Security Breach estimated to be set around 2025, we know of course that the Ruin DLC takes place after this, but how long?

What Destroyed the Pizzaplex?

The strange thing about the Ruin DLC is the fate of Gregory which as we all know from both the canon and best endings in Security Breach, escaped the Pizzaplex with promise that he would grow and die of old age. We also see that the setting for the Pizzaplex in Ruin is as the title suggests – completely ruined. With trash bags, rubble, destroyed fixtures and drained animatronics on 1% battery power, the Pizzaplex has been left behind to collect dust. But what happened? What we know is that the Pizzaplex suffered from an earthquake that forced it to close. We can safely assume that this is the result of Security Breach’s ending. But the doors to this day remained shut, in which the only way in was through a broken window that Cassie used.

What Year Does Ruin Take Place in?

The state of the Pizzaplex is so extreme that it appears that years have passed since the Security Breach events. But when looking at Cassie’s appearance who has come all this way to rescue her friend Gregory, she appears roughly the same age as he was when he entered the estate. So how much time truly has passed? If we are to assume that Gregory was 10-12 years old at the time of Security Breach, Cassie appears to be no older than 14. This would put the time jump between 2-4 years which could explain the destroyed look of the Pizzaplex as on the surface the walls and destruction appears more a production of looters and graffiti artists rather than natural decay.

However keep in mind that the newspapers covering the windows state that the Pizzaplex is temporarily closed. I doubt that the Pizzaplex was simply left to collect dust as Fazbear Entertainment returns over and over regardless of how many times things go wrong. Therefore, the setting of Security Breach Ruin could have taken place within a year’s time. This would explain why Cassie may not have seen Gregory since as he was still classified as missing by his family and that Cassie would go to the Pizzaplex without thinking that anything bad happened here. The state of the animatronics and the overall setting could be purely from the blast and in actuality the events of Ruin merely took place 6 months to 1 year after Security Breach.

The final evidence we have that this cannot have been more than a couple years since Security Breach events and why I think it has taken place after less than a year is based on the M.X.E.S. security system that is painted out to be the villain throughout the DLC’s duration. But the M.X.E.S. looks like Vanny but with the mask being dropped and the system being implemented as new since the blast that took out the building, it is clear that the M.X.E.S. was engineered by Vanessa herself to keep Mimic at bay. As this must have been crafted by Vanessa and Gregory, we can assume that no one else has gone into the Pizzaplex, including officials and staff members as it was deemed too unsafe to begin work. As M.X.E.S. is the only security system in place, this would put the events of Ruin taking place not long after Security Breach.

Do you agree with our interpretations on Ruin or do you think we are missing something? If you are interested in reading more from us, be sure to see our latest GJ guides here. We hope you enjoyed this read.

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