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Who is Audrey in Bendy and the Dark Revival?

Where's Henry?!
Bendy and the Dark Revival
Image via Joey Drew Studios

In Bendy and the Ink Machine, we play as Henry, who returns to Joey Drew Studios and gets involved in the Ink Machine’s nefarious Cycle. But, in the recently released sequel, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Bendy and the Dark Revival puts players in the inky shoes of a new character named Audrey. Who is Audrey? Where is Henry?! And what does this change in perspective mean for the series going forward?

Who is Audrey in Bendy and the Dark Revival?

It needs not to be said, but there will be spoilers for Bendy and the Dark Revival ahead. If you haven’t yet played, or if you care about spoilers, look away!

It’s revealed in-game that Audrey is actually … Joey Drew’s daughter. Well — it’s actually complicated. Yes, she is Joey’s daughter, but she was not born in the same way you or I was. In fact, she’s actually a creation of the Ink Machine. Joey was desperate for a family of his own that he used his creation to make them. It’s both heartbreaking and … really, really creepy at the same time.

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Wait, Where is Henry?!

Given the nature of Bendy and the Ink Machine’s ‘Cycle’ world, it’s unclear what happened to Henry after the finale of the first game. But, Henry does make an appearance in Bendy and the Dark Revival. He’s been trapped within a room and labeled a “Cyclebreaker” by the game’s antagonist, Wilson. If anything, there could now be potential to follow Henry’s story in a third installment, as it’s implied he’s still in the Cycle at the end of Dark Revival. But, whether that will (or won’t) happen depends on Joey Drew Studios / Kindly Beast.

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