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Which Renown Faction Should You Choose in WoW: Dragonflight?

A new way to Renown on the Isles

Patch 10.0.7 is arriving, bringing with it all new content. We’ll return to The Forbidden Reach to resume our journey across the Dragon Isles. The renown factions have been an important part of our journey thus far and we’ve had a few ways to build reputation up until now, but with this upcoming patch, we’ll have a new one. Faction Envoys will be joining us in this max level experience. With this new system you will be able to choose which faction you will like to progress with. This leads the question, which of the current renown factions should you select in WoW: Dragonflight patch 10.0.7?

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Faction Envoys

As previously indicated, after you reach the Forbidden Reach, you will be free to pick from the current renown factions. The faction you choose to assist each day will gain a 10% reputation boost. The Factions you may choose From are as follows:

  • Dragonscale Expedition
  • Iskaara Tuskarr
  • Maruuk Centaur
  • Valdrakken Accord

Envoys will periodically give objectives for more reputation and Elemental Overflow to spend at Envoy merchants for new goodies including four new Dragonriding modifications, the Buckie combat pet, and the Noble Bruffalon ride. Elemental Overflow is a new currency that may be traded for goods in Valdrakken’s Morqut Islet or Mythressa.

Which of the Renown Factions to Choose

It is entirely up to you to select the faction that best matches your needs. The renown system is designed so that you can take the route that is most suitable for you. Each faction has its own set of reward tiers. While this new choice would expedite the process, it may be wise to select the group with whom you presently have the lowest reputation. Another alternative is to pick a faction if you are close to maxing out a reputation or a key reward. Important rewards include campaign story quests, such as those found at levels 12 and 19 of the Valdrakken Accord. You will be able to make the decision on a daily basis, so you will not be stuck with your option for long. This genuinely leaves it up to you to decide which of the renown factions you should select in WoW: Dragonflight.

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